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Cedar Creek Treehouse

at Mt. Rainier

Guest Comments -- Cedar Creek Treehouse


"If Thoreau and Tarzan had opened a real estate and architectural design firm, they would have been wise to consult with you first!" -- Christopher and Suebee, Bothell, WA 9/18

"These two engineers were awestruck by the ingenuity and complexity behind your canopy of marvels. We feel so lucky to have experienced it. Thank you." -- Laurel and Aaron, Seattle 10/4

"These treehouses are absolutely magnificent and will be national treasures for generations to come. Your passion, craftsmanship, engineering and thoughtfulness permeate through every detail. Thank you for making a reality of something we could only dream of as kids." -- Donna and Doug, 5/22

"The outside world is literally non-existent while you are here, which is almost unheard of. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you for letting us have an experience that will never be forgotten." -- Cameron and Kaitlin, Concord, CA 6/18

"My husband picked this magical place as a surprise for me and actually kept the secret for months, but told everyone else.....apparently because of the big child-like grins they had when he mentioned we were going to Mt. Rainier! I was so entranced with the spot by the creek and the beautiful alder trees that my mind just completely stopped. Thank you for sharing." -- Joyce and Gene M. Grand Haven, Michigan 6/20

"Greetings from your first octogenarian and friend. We had a great time and loved our home in the trees. The tour of all the rest of your creations was inspiring, awesome, and somewhat unbelievable! We hope all continues to go well as you care for guests and others in kindness." --Carol and Adele, 6/27

"What a perfect place to go during a birthday/anniversary week for us. It was so peaceful and beautiful here- the ideal place to unplug, with the music of the creek lulling us to sleep. You make a beautiful difference in our busy world. Many thanks!" -- Ellen and G. Littleton, CO 6/25

"Cedar Creek Treehouse was more than we could have ever expected. Your hospitality and warmth made us feel right at home, and our adventures on Mt. Rainier were amazing. Thank you so much" -- Haily and Spencer, 7/1

"We couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our favorite parts: the creek, hammock, sunset on the trees, stars through the skylights, and the thimbleberries. Thanks for pointing them out--we were lucky to be here when they were ripe! And thanks to your son Cedar for an awesome tour!" -- Cheers, Karinn and Bryce, Kirkland, WA 7/7

"Last night we gazed at the brilliant stars. Mars was framed in the treehouse skylight that faced toward the creek.We listened to a very vocal group of owls, with robust conversation that broke the stillness of the night. It seemed that there could have been three owls. Listening to them was enchanting." -- Kurt and Terese, Spokane, WA 7/13

"Fantastic architecture....unique sculptural qualities....3-D works of art." -- Rush W. Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles 7/24

"My sister and I will never forget the wonderful time we had here at the treehouse. We felt like children playing "house". Thanks for the experience! -- Peggy and Kathy, NY and FL

"I can't begin to thank you enough for inviting us into your world.Two days isn't enough. Please adopt my wife and me as your big Ewok babies so we can do this forever..." -- Aloha, Ryan and Alyssa, 8/2

"We are sad to leave the beauty and tranquility, but are leaving refreshed and rejuvenated. Loved the tour as well and the suggestion of hiking up to the hut at High Rock. Spectacular! Fabulous way to spend our third anniversary." -- Andrea and Craig, 8/10

"As I sit on the sun deck and enjoy the darkness setting in, I can only think that this dream will end in the morning and then we go back to the real world. But never forget this treehouse!! Thank you " -- David and Ray, San Antonio

"From the moment we arrived, Kate was smiling ear to ear. Kate and I are still smiling!" -- with love from San Francisco, Kate and Imran, 9/2

"What a joy your canopy adventure has been. I will return with my husband so he can begin scheming to build our own. We adore your dreams and how happy you are to share them with others." -- Nicole and Andrea 9/6

"Some dreams pale in the light of day, but not this one! Our treehouse adventure has proven to be so much sweeter than anything I anticipated during all my months of imagining. The silence here is both balm and benediction, though the forest speaks volumes. You have created a sanctuary that nourishes the heart and reminds me to let go and have fun. To carry that precious combination of play and reverence back to the city seems challenging, but I am inspired!" -- Bob and Judith, Portland, OR 9/27

"We started to feel like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in this magical environment...." -- Bob and Lori, Portland, OR 9/30


"Dominique and I met in the remote jungles of the Congo. Since that time we continue to try and seek out new experiences in unique and beautiful places. Together we have traveled through Africa, Russia, Nepal. the UK, Europe, as well as many amazing places in the US. This wonderful place you have built here ranks among one of our favorite and most memorable. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.It is so inspiring to us to see people living an authentic life, following their passions, in such a simple, peaceful, natural and socially responsible way. Thank you !!" -- Terra and Dominique 9/19-20

"From the southeast to the great northwest, we had no idea we would find the answers to the ongoing question : "Where is the most romantic and fairy tale like place in the US?" Well, its right here in Ashford Washington at the Cedar Creek Treehouse. It was the best getaway I've had to date." -- Rick and Margo, Atlanta, GA (10th anniversary,5/15)

"Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven with us. Spending our 35th wedding anniversary in your treehouse has been a treat!" -- John and Connie , La Conner, WA 8/3

"I have stayed in many hotels in many places around the world. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, in part because one can the the chance to pamper themselves and live above their means for a fleeting moment, and in part because one can really take the opportunity to reflect and try to figure out their place in this world. This treehouse has evoked the latter of these two sentiments more strongly than perhaps any place I have ever visited. It is inspiring, uplifting, rejuvenating,and just plain fun. The two nights we spent here will be talked about and the memories made will be cherished for a lifetime, and honestly, you can't put a price on that. I hope to one day be able to impact peoples' lives in the way you have mine." - Much respect, Sean K. Woodbridge, NJ 8/23

"You have given us one unique experience which made it all the more memorable when we committed to spending the rest of our lives together. She was literally moonstruck, however, and said yes!" -- Ron and Lisa, 10/31-11/1

"Thank you for sharing your chanterelle and lobster mushrooms with us- delicious!" - Colleen and Jed, Portland, OR 10/17

"It is so inspiring to be in a place that is using nature and working with it rather than working against it. I am utterly blown away. The respect for what is provided by Mother Nature only encourages the people who come here to also be respectful and DREAM! Thank you." -- Ashley, Esam, and Jacob, Walla Walla, WA 10/13

"I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, this would be on it! We were married out of doors so this was the perfect place to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. We love the Cedar Creek Treehouse!" -- Lisa and Kris E. 9/15-16

"Your hospitality was like meeting an old friend and not skipping a beat. We thoroughly enjoyed the treehouse and this once in a lifetime experience. All the best wishes to you." -- Mike and Mary Jane K, Shenandoah Valley, VA 9/1

" Cannot thank you enough for letting us share in this beautiful place. Did not think it possible, but the experience even surpassed my highest expectations. A great father/daughter trip for the ages." -- Mac M. and Ann Myrick, Atlanta, GA 8/2

"My father passed away when I was 4 years old. I made a promise to make up for that loss by spending as much time as possible with my son and daughter. What better way than to spend solitude in you home!" -- Andrew and Matthew 7/22

"Today, my best friend asked me to be his wife. There could be no better or fitting place for us to take this step together....amongst the trees and stars! I only hope that one day, many years from now, we find ourselves back in this very spot, celebrating!" -- Monica and Greg, Woodinville, WA 7/11-13

"We're here celebrating ten years as a couple and one year as a married couple. It has been an amazing experience! We loved just sitting on the sun porch and watching the trees, hills, and birds.The stars at night were so beautiful! Up here so high, we didn't really want to descend. It's been the perfect time to relax, talk, and be alone with each other. We loved the tour of the other treehouses and views of the mountain. Thank you." -- Carmen and Matt 7/18-20

"This has been a hugely inspiring and life-affirming experience for the both of us. Everything about this place has a mystical quality that we will never forget." With sincere gratitude, Sophie and Ben 6/22

"Thank you for making this forest retreat available to the world. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time here-- sleeping under the stars, grilling veggies and making s'mores by the creek, drinking tea made from your organic mint leaves, and enjoying the breathtaking views from all the treehouses and skybridges on the tour. It was truly the perfect way to spend our honeymoon!" -- Lissa and Trey, Orlando, FL 5/30-31

" Speechless! Amazing! Inspiring! Exactly how I pictured "Miss Suzy" lived in my favorite children's book. Thank you for sharing a bit of paradise with us. Waltz away! " -- Eric and Annette, from the "hills" of Vermont 7/31


" The two nights at Cedar Creek Treehouse in the middle of our Pac NW journey has turned into the pinnacle of our lifetime together.We have never been closer, yet ourselves, and will never forget our stay here. Your dream and hard work in the trees has made a difference in all of our lives upon departure. Each visitor's eyes and hearts will see and feel differently. Thanks, and peace, affirmation, and love".
- Neal and Denise L. 7/17-19 (20th anniversary)

" This place is truly majestic and your love and spirit infuse the space with music, laughter, peace and caring. We will certainly recommend you to other forest-spirits. Much love. "
Julie and Cory - 7/27-29

" THIS is the place to BE ! "
-- M. Biggs, 7/30

" Thank you for sharing the thimble berries and huckleberries- It was fun learning from you what I could find to eat and had never experienced before. This quiet retreat was needed.. Thank you! "
-- Claudine C. Long Island, NY

" What a respite for my soul to be held in such nature and solitude! You're a remarkable man with a remarkable vision. I'd definitely come back! "
-- Sharon K. 8/14

" Cooled in the shadow of Mt. Rainier Nestled in the cedar boughs We are full We are one. " Pictures can't capture what an oasis this is. Thank you for sharing this work of love. I can't wait to come back for a longer visit! "
-- Kris K. Robbinsdale, MN 8/15

" You've created a retreat so unique a person would have to see it for themselves to believe it. It's Swiss Family Robinson come to life! Can't say enough good things about our experience. This place will be in our hearts for a long time to come. "
-- Lucy and Axel N. Seattle, WA 8/16-17

" It is a memory we won't soon forget. The sound of the creek and sway of the tree put me fast asleep. Thank you for a wonderful stay. P.S. Bring back the slide! "
-- Logan and Liza, 8/18

" This is a very magical place and you've captured its spirit in your unique and comfortable dwellings. We hope you continue to share your vision with others for many years to come. So glad we found this- its the highlight of our trip!
- Ken B. Chicago, IL 8/19-21

" We had no idea how grand an experience this would be. What a perfect getaway. Thank you. "
-- Akel F. and Janet S. 8/21-23

" Joanna and I celebrated fifty-five years of marriage high in Bill's treehouse. It was a delight to live two days in a world of quietness and beauty. Thank you for the great experience."
- Leroy and Joanna B. WA 8/23-24

" Truly an amazing place. The tour was the best and the treehouse couldn't have been more relaxing. Definitely a bucket list check off! "
-- Mary and John, 9/11

" Bucket list 55th birthday!! My crazy high school mushroom picking BFF thrilled to the rainy hazy day in the clouds. Your tree high adventure will be a bright spot in our rocking chair memories! "
-- Ruth and Shawn, BFFs 9/15

" I thought Bob brought up way too many chanterelle mushrooms that you gave him….WRONG! We wanted more with our breakfast! "
-- Barb and Bob D. Littleton, CO 9/18

" From up here we have been able to observe our own dreams a bit clearer. Having a tree at the center of out daily activities was an amazing reminder of ourselves as part of a larger ecosystem.


-- Take time to adjust to life in the trees. Spend time doing nothing.
-- Use the pulley even if you don't need to -- It's fun!
---- Take advantage of Bill's knowledge of the area. i.e. Hike to Snow Lake ! "
-- Joshua W. (Iowa City, IA ) and Bobby I. ( Illinois) 9/22

" Thank you for the most unique lodging experience ever! What a beautiful place to bring my love. I think this will be an unforgettable birthday! "
-- Jess and Matt, Seattle, WA 10/12


"We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful and serene place to spend our 1st anniversary. We ditched our hiking plans to stay by the creek and nap in the hammock for a lazy day instead. We are rejuvenated and revived."
-- Paul and Heather, 5/11-13

"The stories behind these high up spaces are equally inspiring--- reminding us to remember to think outside the box. With extreme appreciation."
-- Jane and Krista, Portland, Maine 7/8-9

"A childhood dream come true. The experience here in your treehouse was truly one of a kind. Thanks again."
-- Ben and Becky, Milwaukee, WI 5/25-26

"We had a wonderful time touring the Rainbow Bridge, Observatory, cooking smores by the campfire and fishing the creek. I even caught a small trout that I released back into the creek. Perhaps next time we can try that new floating treehouse! Sincerely,"
-- Robert and Vernaliza, Northern California

"Cedar Creek Treehouse is the perfect union of rustic and luxurious. It was thoughtfully designed and well crafted. But the best part is the never ending thrill of dwelling, quite comfortably, in a perch so uncommon for people. An ideal place for us to reconnect, to nature and each other. Thanks."
-- Aubrey and Andrew 6/3

"What a fantastic, magical place to spend our 1st anniversary together. We can't wait to come back and see what comes next... a tree village?"
-- Holly and Jon, Seattle, WA 6/8-10

"We don't want to leaf !! Thanks for having us."
-- Mike, Amy, and Julianna 6/11-13

"The Observatory, Stairway To Heaven, and Rainbow Bridge are incredible pieces of artwork. We'll be back soon. Thank you."
-- Sean and Laurel 6/21-22

"You have a great hidden treasure. Thanks for sharing it with us."
-- Emily and Clark, Plano, TX 7/2

"Terrie and I thank you for making us feel right at home 50 feet in the air. Today the 4th of July could not have better for seeing the sights. Wonderful views from the Observatory. Thanks again for the tour and information as where to go."
-- Terrie and Paul M. Truckee, CA 7/2-4

"Both of us have been utterly blown away by everything about this beautiful place, and feel so lucky to have been able to share this experience. Congratulations on such a magnificent achievement!"
-- Rianna and Josh, United Kingdom, 7/5

"This was a perfect 50th birthday celebration and I'm sure we will tell many others of our memorable experience for years to come. Have fun completing the floating treehouse studio! With gratitude."
-- Richard and Elaine, 7/20-22

"Thanks for the opportunity to stay here and for inspiring Riley's treehouse building!"
-- Scott and Riley, 7/22-25

"This experience has, for us, culminated what " the perfect vacation" should be. We were honored to be the first guests across your Sun Bridge. As long as we can climb a flight of stairs, we will return here to be renewed."
-- Abby and Kendra, 7/29

"We came as part of a 4 day journey to celebrate Bob's 50th birthday. Visiting Cedar Creek Treehouse has been on our bucket list for some time. We were not disappointed, to say the least! We will recommend it to all our friends and family."
-- Bob and Colette, St. Joseph, MN 8/6-7

"Everything was fun-- yet surreal. 50 feet in the air.......what a rush, what an experience. Unforgettable memories!."
-- Steve, Kathy, David, Jayne , Raleigh, NC 8/9-10

"The hike to High Rock lookout was incredible. Such a hot day to do it, but worth it. Then to bathe in the creek afterwards--a once in a lifetime experience for us. So COLD !.....and then refreshing. Blessings."
-- David and Rosie, San Diego, CA, 8/15-17

"We enjoyed the tour of the new floating treehouse. I don't know how you make these things.... "
-- Katie and Nick, 8/24-26

"Happy Anniversary!! We have been married one week today. What an amazing place you have crafted. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. We enjoyed the high tour, cold creek and barbecue. Can't wait to return! All the best"
-- Heidi and Morgan, 8/30-9/1

"I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my 30th birthday! The hand-picked flowers were a nice touch. We loved the creek and midnight rainstorm. Thanks again."
-- Sammy and Jarred, 9/11

"Amazing vision and great execution. What an extraordinary place. We'll be back!
-- Tony and Holly, Seattle, WA 10/5-7

"Enjoyed conversations in the sun room with wine and cheese with the patter of rain on the roof. Very comforting. "Happy Trees to you, until we meet again" Cedar later!"
-- Carla and Frank, 10/15

"A wonderful spot to celebrate my 40th birthday. The mountain came out last night- and so did the stars. Stunning!! Thanks again."
-- Helen and Chris, 10/21

"This was a great surprise adventure. (Andy didn't tell me where we were going) and I have to admit I was a bit scared driving in the dark to an unknown destination. But the treehouse was the perfect inspiration for Andy to propose to me on High Rock Lookout !!! I said yes!) This will always be a special place for us."
-- Andy and Stephanie, 11/2-4


"Just plain Amazing! This adventure is one we will hold in our hearts forever. Thank you for sharing it with us."
-- Sherri and Dick B. Brockport, NY 7/25/11

"We were impressed by the High Rock Lookout hike you recommended! We'll be back for some more serenity. "
- Bill and Lisa A. WA 7/30/11

"The treehouse was a gas and will provide many smiles as we reminisce about this weekend. The sunroom is a great place to drink some wine and talk story. Thanks much."
- Kirk and Susan McMinnville, OR 8/5/11

"This is by far the most memorable place my husband and I ever stayed, and I'm sure we'll be talking about it for years to come. Our visit here has been extraordinary, beyond my wildest childhood fantasies of staying in a treehouse."
- Best, Linda and Kurt 8/4/11

"On the eve of our birthdays, it appeared that the financial crisis had reached its zenith, London was burning and that the world was full of violence, anxiety, and the stupidities of mankind. But then we came here and we were reminded that people can create beautiful things, things that can bring joy to others, create sanctuaries for those who need to still their minds and take stock. Thank you."
-- Vinayak and Pinky

"Thanks to my always-full-of-surprises husband, I got to spend my 29th birthday in the warmth and splendor of this precious space. It has been an invigorating, replenishing, relaxing, meditative and inspiring stay here. It's much more personal and intimate than just a treehouse- it's a treehome."
-Gaya and Harish, Seattle, WA 8/12/11

"We had an amazing time stargazing and can't remember the last time we had such a peaceful weekend. We took the Snow Lake hike you told us about on Mt. Rainier Saturday. The crystal clear water of the lake was truly beautiful. This has been a very special 30th birthday for my husband Ken and one that neither of us will forget. Thanks again!"
- Stephanie and Ken

"I came here to spend time bonding with my daughter who has a passion for treehouses. She told me last night she felt like this was her home. We had time to talk about hopes and dreams and fears and many other things. She was able to observe you and I was reminded to- just do it- to live fearlessly. Thank you for the inspiration."
- Kate V. 8/29/11

"In 2009 my life forever changed with a diagnosis of breast cancer. It was a long, hard fight which I SURVIVED. I live for each moment of each day and always reach for the stars. When USA Today published an article featuring treehouses, I tore it out and said "Some day I will go to Cedar Creek." I am fulfilling my dreams and bucket list to the best of my ability. Thank you for this experience."
- Lisa. S. 8/31/11

"Leaving this morning was a very difficult affair. For a moment we considered walling us inside, as we have the high advantage, and using medieval techniques (oil pots, rocks, arrows) to keep others away. But that moment passed quickly as it would be a shame for this truly inspiring creation NOT to be shared with all those who seek/need the unique brand of peace it provides."
- N. and Matt, Colorado and San Francisco 9/2/11

"The beauty that surrounds me evokes tears of simple joy. Thank all, especially the loving tree that embraced and protected me through the night."
- Namaste, Monica V. Germany, Australia 9/5/11

"Thank you thank you thank you for an experience that surpassed our greatest expectations. Living amongst the trees high atop this forest was an indescribable adventure. The treehouse and the whole place come alive and have more meaning with Bill's interesting stories and personal history here. We'll be back."
- Vicki, Tacoma, and John, Sheffield, England 9/9/11

"Our honeymoon was great up to this point, but the treehouse made it perfect! A wonderful example of how the heart of a man and the soul of nature can come together to create love, peace, and beauty."
- Tim and Holly B. Brookings, SD 9/22/11

"A beautiful place to stay -- even in the pouring rain! We had fun on the Comet Falls hike and even enjoyed some late season salmonberries and blue huckleberries. Thanks for a great weekend!"
- Laura and Kyle, CA, MN, and Salem, Oregon 9/26/11

"If our booking 6 months early didn't give it away, we are SO excited about Cedar Creek Treehouse. This has been even more incredible than I imagined. Experiencing something as majestic as Mt. Rainier, then getting to live above the forest in a great cedar- what a wonderful getaway!"
Thanks always, Amy B. Cleveland, OH and Lindsay H. Dayton, OH 10/4/11

"We chose to spend both of our birthdays this year in your beautiful treehouse. We couldn't have made a better choice. We'll remember this extraordinary experience for the rest of our lives -- gazing at the moon while the treehouse gently moves in the breeze, relaxing in the cozy loft, enjoying being high in the treetops -- and wondering how on earth you created this."
- Beth and Doug, Seattle, WA 10/11

"I truly can't imagine a more magical place to get engaged! Thank you so much for helping make the proposal something we will never forget."
- Rachel and Dan 10/17/11

"We were impressed with the photos online, but they pale in comparison with the reality! You allowed us to take full advantage of being off the grid. We've never slept so well."
With thanks, Heather and Michael 11/10/11

"It even managed to snow last night but it was nice and cozy with the heater and tea kettle going. We had a wonderful time staying in the treehouse. A magical experience."
- Kyleen and Chris, 12/26/11


A magical experience -- can’t wait to feature the Cedar Creek Treehouse in my books and apps!”
-- Peter Guttman, travel journalist for Fodor Guides, 7/5/10

“We found peace and warmth and magic here.”
-- Steve and Debbie, 7/6- 7/7/2010

An oasis of peace and serenity with a little adrenaline rush thrown in (the Treehouse Observatory) to make you aware you are still alive!”
Roxanne and Randy , Olympia, WA 8/9/10

We hope to be back for our 61st so we can break the current record!”
-- Dave and Blanche K. Olympia, WA 8/21-22/2010 (50th wedding anniversary)

“Traditionally the 5th year is gifted with wood. What more amazing place to celebrate our 5th anniversary than in a treehouse in the woods!”
-- Rhoda and Gabe, 9/17-19/2010

“Thank you for the wonderful, relaxing, once in a lifetime experience!
-- Marika, Budapest, Hungary 9/28/10

“Our stay has been everything my daughter and I had hoped for and more. What a way to celebrate her 40th birthday! A beautiful hideaway.
-- Joan and Susan, Michigan and Colorado, 10/9/10

“I kept saying to Russ, 'How can places this beautiful exist?'
-- Lydia and Russell B. Baltimore, MD 10/11-12/2010

You have created a haven. It’s one of our best anniversaries ever. I’m not as afraid of heights as I thought.”
-- Barb and Ken T. 5/16/10

“This was our first trip to the Pacific Northwest, and staying in your treehouse was the picture perfect highlight! It truly epitomizes all the beauty and charm we were hoping to find!”
-- Patti and Greg, Atlanta GA 5/19/10

“This the closest we’ve been to nature, and it has inspired us to live a more green, burden-free lifestyle.”
-- Alba and Jeff, 5/20/10

“It was amazing to watch the different clouds take shape through the skylights. And listening to the creek was so relaxing. This will be a memory that we’ll always cherish.”
-- Orion and Chelsea 5/24/10

“I don’t think we’ve slept better anywhere else. Coffee in the sunroom in the morning, listening to the rain and watching the birds was my favorite part. It’s so obvious the treehouse was a labor of love. Thank you for sharing it with us.”
-- Erin and Nate 6/10/10

“Be sure to pass on to Cedar how impressed we were with his daring and skill….”
-- Peter and Diane 6/10-11/2010

“We had a great time and enjoyed not only the treehouse but having a picnic and campfire by the water. Thanks for everything.”
-- Pat and Ben 6/13-14/2010

“You and your treehouse have helped restore my faith in humanity.”
-- Holly H., Minneapolis, MN 7/12/10

“A hummingbird flew an inch from my face. Watching the stars through the skylights, sleeping with a tree next to us and being surrounded by green was an indescribable experience. We will miss the stars back in New York!”
-- Michele and Jodi 7/27/09

“This was the ultimate mother/daughter retreat. I know neither of us will ever forget this adventure and special time together."
-- Cindy and Casey F., Enterprise, Alabama 7/15-16/2009

“ I brought my wife Sara here to celebrate her birthday, BUT it was every bit a gift to myself, I selfishly admit.”
-- David and Sara H., Everett, WA 7/12/09

“ We’ll be excitedly describing this place to all our friends for years.”
-- Nat and Melody, Chicago, 10/09

“Rain or shine, this is a beautiful, peaceful place.”
-- J. and Peter, Seattle, 8/16/09

“ The creek water was chilly but invigorating, and we had a wild bunny join us for dinner. We will never forget the time we spent here.
-- Mike and Katie, 8/3/09

A fantasy come true -- beautiful weather, too. WOW!"
-- Sally and John, Longview, TX 8/5/09

“From the moment I saw this place online, I knew it was where I needed to be! It met every expectation and more.”
-- Gregg and Esther E. 7/8-9/09

“ The beauty, engineering , insight, and thoughtfulness exhibited here go beyond any other resort known to America."
-- John and Karly G. 6/23/09


So different from Texas! “ -- Michael, Freddye, and“Frog” M. 6/19-20

“Many people I’ve known believe an urban environment is one of the most inspiring atmospheres to live in -- those people have never experienced life here!
-- Jill and Jackie, Mike and Judy R., Chicago 7/6-8

“My 13 year old daughter saw your treehouse in Kid’s National Geographic magazine last year and suggested we take a vacation there. I never knew anything like this existed. If everyone could experience being this close to nature then more people would care about saving the planet.”
-- Holle D. 7/8-10

“When trying to decide where to take a vacation, a lot of things made it on my list. All of these things got crossed off when I found Cedar Creek Treehouse on the Travel Channel website. Thank you for the memories!
-- Brad, Tom - Columbus, Ohio 7/13-15

“This oasis you’ve created here will be a place I return to in my mind many times over. What an amazing and awesome experience!
-- Laura C., Seattle

“My husband and I read an article about the treehouse and said “ Wouldn’t it be cool to go here? “ A year and a half later, here we are. We loved cooking dinner by the creek, talking on the observation porch until dark, and some seriously, seriously deep, peaceful sleep.”
-- Molly and Colin M., Mt. Rainier, Maryland 7/17

“I’m sitting here 50 feet high and cannot reach around the trunk of this tree, which has provided spectacular views of assorted neighboring trees, of flowing water, of its own branching extensions, providing a coziness that housed two travelers with feelings of security.”
-- Kit and Sarah P., California 7/17-18

“From Max’s (then age 8) finding this place in The Treehouse Book to being here now took us a year and a half. We will remember it the rest of our lives.
-- Richard, Martha, Max, and Zoe, Berkeley, CA 7/19-20

“We have seldom been someplace this quiet and been so immersed in the natural world, when life is so hectic. Hope we can bring some of the peace home with us.”
-- Julie F. and Josh M. 7/22

“I learned about Cedar Creek Treehouse years ago and tucked this memory away until my wife and I could visit the Northwest for the very first time. We feel blessed for being a part of such a beautiful and pure nature experience.
-- David and Nayon L., Tempe, Arizona 7/23-25

“This first trip to Washington state and the treehouse has given me a chance to re-connect with my family and with myself. Thank you for providing a place in the sky to unwind and realign my heart with my head.
-- Dave P. and family, Rockford, Michigan 7/28-29

“Our daughter Alyssa surprised us with the weekend vacation of staying in this absolutely magical place! Thanks for everything but especially thanks to our daughter who made it happen.”
-- Karen S. and Jack M. (Florida), Alyssa M. (London) 8/3-4

“This weekend was like a beautiful dream. Thank you for reminding me of the things in life that truly matter.”
-- Emily H. and Abby A., New York, NY 8/15-17

“Your treehouse is everything we have heard about and more! We will recommend this beautiful place to family and friends.”
-- Larry and Patricia S., Napavine, WA 8/17-18

“The most unique anniversary we’ve ever had.”
-- Patrick and Margaret, Snohomish, WA 8/22-24

“Even in the rain it was enchanting. The west window in the loft provided the best view this morning as the sun broke through and shone down on the creek. Good coffee and water, heat, and a good book made this place so comfortable, and the futon was perfect. There wasn’t one thing we lacked.”
-- Dave and Janet R., Gig Harbor, WA 8/24-26

“The best 100 ft. climb an acrophobic girl ever had!”
-- Sue and Joe L. 8/28

“Our experience at Cedar Creek Treehouse was the highlight of our honeymoon, where we could relax and talk about the craziness of the wedding planning. And we came face to face with our fears, conquering the Stairway To Heaven, walking the Rainbow Bridge, and making it into the Observatory. We will never forget our time here!!”
-- Bob and Erin, New Jersey 9/8-9

“We had an unforgettable 1st wedding anniversary weekend staying in your treehouse. The rain gave us just the right excuse to stay indoors and cozy up. Thanks for your creativity and vision!”
-- Alyson and Tobin, Seattle 9/21

“It was exciting spotting the first mountain goat of the season from the observatory. What a surprise!”
-- Mike and Kristin, San Francisco, CA 9/22-23

“My sister is such an inspiration to me. She talks me into the coolest situations. I would not have missed sharing her 50th birthday with her in this amazing place!
-- Linda M. (Las Vegas) & Jeana H., Puyallup 9/28-30

“We traveled from Indiana in search of an adventure. We flew all day and drove all night. You met us late on Saturday to show us what would be a night that we will never forget. Thank you for sharing with us and the world. Peace and love”
-- Dedee and Chris 10/12


"Our eldest daughter is a teacher and now lives in Yakima, WA. Last year on a visit there they took us to a fundraiser for the education department. That is where we learned about your original vacation. We outbid others and won this package for $1300. It has been well worth it."
-- Art and Carla B., Livermore, CA 7/20/07

"I never thought that I would be up in a tree at seventy! What a birthday surprise this was for me! Thank you, treehouse, for the memories to share with my better half of fifty years plus. A part of this place is no longer here, as I have taken it with me"
-- Kellene J., Twain Harte, CA 10/3/07

"Now we are both hooked! We could imagine all the wonderful nights and days spent here and feel lucky to be a part of it. Much thanks to those things that grow and allow the pleasure of their use. Until next time …"
-- Pete and Kate F., Bellingham, WA 11/11/07

"TV and magazines do not do it justice. This is one peaceful piece of paradise"
-- Tim and Janel M, WA 9/14/07

"The whole experience was surreal. The beauty of the property is breathtaking. We have enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. You Tarzan, me Jane. Thanks for sharing with the world."
-- Connie and Brad B., Houston, TX 6/9/07

"WOW is all I have to say about this beautiful place. I don’t think I will ever in the rest of my life find a more scenic view from a bathroom!"

"I think the aspect I enjoyed most was the peacefulness. Without all the electronic distractions of home, you have more time to enjoy the sounds of nature. Never underestimate the calming power of the sound of a nearby stream."
-- Leslie and Lance 5/29/07

"I loved waking up this morning to hail on the windows and the rushing creek—all snuggled in! What a great start to a Mother’s Day. We had a wonderful adventure."
-- Judy and Bob C. Mother’s Day 2007

"Thanks for allowing us to celebrate our "babymoon" in such a wonderful, full of good energy place. "Piper" will be born in August and we want her to share our adventures of life, nature and respect for the natural world. This was her first true adventure! Namaste"
-- Jane and Joe and Piper W., Huntsville, AL 5/5/07

"The stars, the trees, the peace, and the proposal. I will never forget this place or time. It is the beginning of the rest of our life together, and I couldn’t imagine it starting in a more perfect environment."
-- Jackie and Dan, 6/19/07

"It was tree-riffic. A birthday celebration we will never forget. Even a visitation from a Rufus hummingbird ... robins, townsend solitaire, grey jay, bald eagle, ruby crowned kinglets and crows shared our view."
-- John and Gretchen, 7/11/07

"Thank you so much for allowing us to share Cedar Creek Treehouse’s tenth anniversary with you and the enjoyable visit with your friends. Your entire place is a true gem -- we appreciate your willingness to share it with the world. It felt like being home with family!"
-- Linda and Tim L., Ashford, NY, and Matthew T., Seattle, WA 7/19/07

"This unexpected bit of wonder and peace is the highest of highlights during our honeymoon excursion through the Pacific Northwest. May the peace here in your valley flood the world."
-- Joe and Christine R. 8/9/07

"What a magical place. Rain put no damper on this stay. You left us all in awe. Thank you again."
-- Amy, Turim, Larry and Jacob H., Takoma Park, MD 8/21/07

Awesome Trees
Great Cheese
The stream water
An invigorating freeze
We’d like to come back

"Thanks for making our 10th wedding anniversary such a memorable weekend."
-- Heidi and Tom D., Dayton, Ohio 8/25/07

"Ever since we met 6 years ago, we’ve been scheming up our own treehouse blueprints. Coming to Cedar Creek Treehouse was like a dream come true! Thanks for all your hospitality."
-- Kelsey and Ryan 9/16/07

"Kris and Kim stayed here on a wet and rainy night in mid-September, and what a delight. Wine and cheese and the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees,we worshipped the mighty cedar tree. Thanks so much for the honor" -- 9/07

"We were looking forward to this romantic getaway in the Cedar Creek Treehouse since Christmas. On our first night we got engaged while looking at the stars, 50 feet up in the treehouse. We can’t think of a more amazing way to start our life together."
-- Andrea and Justin M 9/23/07

"Cedar Creek Treehouse + High Rock Lookout + Mt. Rainier view + Marriage = Wonderful!
-- Josh and Erica G., Seattle, WA 9/2/07


“Thank you for helping us make lasting memories in a place more magical than Disney World. Our hearts will always yearn for the Cedar Creek Treehouse.
-- Harry, Ruthie, Dorothy, and Julianne M. 6/23/06

“Thanks for sharing your amazing creations with us - now I know why the map is secret - everyone will want to come back, but no one will remember how to get here! We can’t wait to come back. Thanks!”
-- Jed B. and Jill W. 7/1-2/06

“This was a great way to celebrate my husband’s 45th birthday! We will share this experience with all of our friends. It couldn’t have been any better of a trip.”
-- Rhonda and Billy C., Gleed, WA 6/29-7/1/06

“When she awoke the next morning after a wonderful, sound sleep…she realized the truth…’Paradise’ was not six miles down the road at Mt. Rainier...it was right here. What a memory this will be to begin our forever-marriage.” Blessings,
-- Don and Patti L., Granger, WA 7/2-4/06

“There is nothing more wondrous and grand than being deep in the woods and in the mountains -- that is until we experienced your treehouse – perched high atop a cedar tree! You feel closer and somehow a part of the wilderness. Thanks for the truly fantastic experience.”
-- The Temesy’s, Chicago, IL/Columbus, Ohio 7/4-5/06

“We are very excited to be staying in a real tree that has been featured on places like the Oprah Winfrey Show and HGTV. We never dreamed we would ever enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. It’s wonderful to be this close to nature and still feel safe! Thank you so much for this opportunity to have the time of our lives.”
-- Dawn, Rachael & Ryan G. (Egg Harbor Twp. NJ) /Trudy and Don S. (Boise, ID) 7/6/06

“We were so relaxed and cozy the first night, we fell asleep by 8:30, before it even got dark. Wow… what a place -- even doing the dishes is relaxing! I came here with a lot on my mind and leaving with peace just by being here.”
-- Deb and Y. 7/11/06

“My son Will and I saw the Cedar Creek Treehouse on the Travel Channel one night last year. We knew our family was doing our cross-country trip -- summer of 2006 -- so we put your place on our list. Got to know this “out in the woods” place while reading/smiling and WOWING! through your website. We’ve looked forward to this all year. The trip up the spiral staircase, across the bridge, and inside the observatory was a real family event! We’ll be back to see your next tree projects!”
-- Susan, Billy, and Will H., Stone Mountain, GA 7/17/06

“Hot, hot, hot! Temperatures of 97 welcomed us to Ashford. We mountain biked in the hot weather and visited Paradise as well. Thank goodness for the creek back at the treehouse!
--Julie and Steve B,. Seattle, 7/22/06

“What an inspiration…such so that I am determined to retire in a treehouse…the search is on for the perfect tree - WHOO HOO! To live where the trees meet the sky - that is paradise!
--Tina and Bill S., Auburn, WA 7/24/06

Green trees, brown trees,
Red trees galore
Everywhere I look
a new place to explore…
What a sight!
Our little house in the trees
-- Justine K., Waterville, OH 7/26/06

“Christmas in July! The Rainbow Bridge was so much fun to walk across.
-- Elyse H. Maumee, OH 7/26/06

It doesn’t get better than this! What a solid, solid home in the trees. My favorite view was the western valley, with the sun on the trees and the stream running toward the sound.”
-- Ken and Mary C., T-town (Tacoma, WA)

Everything is fun when you’re in a treehouse fifty feet in the air!”
-- Devin V.H., 13

“There are many people back in Ohio waiting to hear about the treehouse. We can’t wait to share our stories with them. It has been even more than we expected!!
-- Cindy V.H., Covington, OH 8/5/06

“I loved sharing this fun experience with my niece and great nephew. What a memory for all of us - especially the observation tower and the stars above our beds at night.”
-- The old aunt – Patricia E., Bainbridge Island, WA 8/5/06

“The bottom line is: we’ve traveled all over the world, all seven continents, and there is no doubt we’ll always remember our time here. Memories are priceless, and we got ‘em!
-- Bob and Toni N., Everett, WA 8/8/06

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't think a picture or a thousand words could describe the serenity or amazing feeling you get when you;re in this treehouse.
-- Klaus and Laurie K., Bellevue, WA 8/12/06

Thanks for having the imagination and determination to build this treehouse!
-- Ann and Howie V. Bryan, OH 8/14/06

Incredible……We will remember these days and nights. Many thanks.”
-- Greg, Marti, Daniel, and Glenne, Hawthorne Woods, IL 8/17/06

“I had to come back for our one year anniversary. Staying at least two nights is the way to go. The observatory wasn’t completed when we came before -- what an awesome experience to add to our trip!”
-- Kevin and Michelle, WA 8/19/06

“We will work hard to send you more German guests!”
-- Klara, Thomas, and Larissa A,. Germany, 8/20-23/06

“We had such a wonderful weekend hanging out in your tree...and...we got engaged! We are dreaming of returning again.”
-- Derek H. & Graeme S. 9/4/06

An ideal honeymoon spot…. We needed the peace and tranquility of this lofty home to unwind from the whirlwind of festivities. The berries are ripe, so don’t forget a container for picking!”
-- With thanks, Andrew and Andrea V. 9/7/06

“Thank you for allowing us to return to childhood, if only for a night.
-- Catherine & Sarah, Florida, 9/8/06

“Our 10 year anniversary at Cedar Creek Treehouse will be a memory which brings us pleasure for the rest of our lives.”
-- Bob L. and Debi D. 9/10/06

“As a musician, of course the ascent up the spiral Stairway to Heaven (Led Zep)… across the Rainbow Bridge (J. Hendrix)…to the tower with the ultimate view of the mighty Mt. Rainier was majestic. Our visit was victorious!”
-- Rick and Michele S., Everett, WA (Grandparents Day 2006)

What a peaceful respite in the rainforest…a striking contrast to our daily lives in the desert working on the Hanford cleanup.”
-- Suzanne & Harry, WA 9/24/06

I’m in awe of all the effort that went into building your treehouse and lookout tower. Building under stress of danger takes 10 times the energy! Thanks.”
-- Harold & Jeanne P. 9/30/06

“What a delightful surprise for my husband’s 58th birthday. I was able to keep it a surprise until we walked right up to it. Couldn’t get the grin off his face. Of all the many places we have stayed, this ranks amongst the most unique in the world.
-- Bill and Sally C., Grand Mound, WA 10/12/06

“This trip for us was about relaxing and hugging some trees. There was no better way to do it but to stay here. Two days is not enough as there is too much to see and do in this area. The only place I have slept better is on a boat at anchor in the Virgin Islands! Thanks for everything.”
-- Fletcher& Laura, Chicago, IL 10/18/06

“Dear Treehouse -- What a unique experience -- the stars stayed still while WE twinkled…what more can you ask for?”
-- Deb, Kayla, Laura / Seattle, Everett, Milwaukee, 10/22/06

“Heard about Cedar Creek Treehouse on the Oprah show six years ago. Finally got here. We will return to Houston, Texas with a smile on our face…We will never forget the “loo with a view!” And my daughter Zoe was one of the youngest to ever cross the Rainbow Bridge!”
-- Melinda, Sonya, Zoe 11/5/06


"This place is truly amazing!! Although it was a little creepy walking through the forest at night, I would come back again and again. P.S. Don't be scared of the observatory. The view is amazing."
-- William, (age 14), Houston, TX, 3/23/05

"Thank you for sharing your dream, vision, art, and hard work. We enjoyed it and appreciate what you have done here."
-- L. S., Fall City, WA, 4/4/05

"Our love of nature and dreams grew as we spent time listening to the percussive sound of the falling rain and watched the blanket of snow drape over the canopy below. Absolute bliss."
-- Cosette R,. Fall City, WA, 4/4/05

"Thank you so much for sharing this amazing place with us- you made a childhood dream come true and gave us an experience we'll never forget!"
-- Lin and Jim M., (30th birthday trip) 4/17/05

"This will be in the memory bank for as long as life will let me be..."
-- S. R., 4/19/05

"Awesome, Bill! What an experience! Cozy and private with incredible views of the stars. Sleeping by the creek, surrounded by these majestic mountains and trees, is a dream come true. Thanks for your hospitality. We'll be back!"
-- Paula R., 4/28/05

"It was so wonderful to come back to the treehouse. What a fabulous time we had. The creek is so refreshing- yes, it's cold, but on a hot day it sure felt good. Thank you for the wonderful tour and your kindness in sharing this with us. Thank you Northwest Backroads for airing this place on TV for me to find."
-- Bill and Maureen K., Enumclaw, WA, 5/28/05

"This place is SWEET! It's so much fun staying in such a cool place. If I could live here I would. To people reading this: Look forward to a fun trip!!!"
-- Stephanie M. (age 14), Duvall, WA, 6/4/05

"Hey! Thank you sooo much for letting us stay here. It's a lot of fun and the views are amazing and beautiful ... especially from the observation tower even though it was freaky (except for the bridge.)
-- Lindsey C. (13, almost 14!!) Duvall, WA, 6/4/05

"Climbed the heavenly stairway, going round and round
Crossed the swinging bridge, remember, don't look down
Couldn't see the Mountain, the clouds were in the way
Want you to know we loved it and really enjoyed our stay"

"Thanks for the memories -- the tours were great and informative.....we learned a lot."
-- Tim, Roberta, and Ty S., Yakima, WA and Kay S., Seattle, WA, 6/12/05

"Bill, this was the best time I have ever had! It's so good of you to share this wonderful place. My wife of five years booked this about a month ago. She never told me anything until we arrived. I was so surprised! SHE IS GREAT."
-- Jack and Pam, Olympia, WA, 6/30/05

"My family and I enjoyed it immensely. Best of luck with all your future endeavors and inventions"
-- Anon. Artist, 7/3/05

"This is THE COOLEST place. Well worth the trip from Alabama. This was a surprise 1st Anniversary trip and it could not have been better. Keep dreaming and building. We will be back!"
-- Selanie and Kien A., 7/21/05

"Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway!! What a wild and crazy way to spend a few days. This experience made our honeymoon even better, and that is hard to top. We will recommend this to other adventure seekers! We cannot wait until there are more inventions!"
-- Matt and Gretl K., 4/05

"What can I say that wasn't already said? We had a great night! Beautiful weather, views, and a comfortable "nest" in the tree. Thank you and congrats on building a dream."
-- Mark and DeDe M., Milton, WA, 7/28/05

"Thanks so much for making this such a memorable first anniversary for us! My husband thought this would be a great surprise for me -- he was right. We can't wait to come back!"
-- Lori and Tim J., Raleigh, N.C., 8/8/05

"We are in awe of what you have created here. It has crossed our minds to settle our affairs in New York and return with all of our stuff, but, alas, that probably won't be good for business. Future guests: If out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a small green girl, know that our Maya is near, but don't be afraid ... she is not a Republican!"
-- Danielle and company, 8/12/05


"First there was shock ... then there was pain. It wasn't so bad." - DG
"OOh good ... I feel my legs" - DG
"It's kinda tolerable." - J.C.
"I think I stayed in too long ... I still got the shakes" - T.L.
"In about 10 minutes you'll feel amazing!" - D.G.

"No words can adequately describe this experience. All I can say is that going back to New York is going to be the hardest it has ever been."
-- Thanx, Maya, 8/12/05

"Everything was as incredible as we imagined. It really is amazing to see the fabulous house that you built in the sky. You've made our dreams come true. Thank you."
-- Alex and Christina,8/31/05

"It was everything that I had imagined and so much more. The highlight of our trip to the Northwest. Perfection! We hope to see you again."
-- Catherine and Joe, Lincoln, Nebraska, 9/2/05

"We are all the more impressed by the fact that you built it. What a feat!"
-- Janie and Dennis, Sequim, WA, 9/3/05

"Truly a remarkable structure!"
-- Susette and Nathan, Everett, WA, 9/4/05

"We were married up north with cedar and fairies at a beautiful lake in the forest. How very magical to have our honeymoon in the arms of the cedar, surrounded by fairies and bathed in moonlight. Thank you for sharing your space that brings heaven to Earth."
-- Jeff and Heidi, 9/17-18/05

"In the words of John Muir: ‘One must go to the woods for safety...if for nothing else.’ ... and you may have one of the safest places of all. Thanks for the fun, conversation, and the Treehouse!"
-- Tammie S., 9/22/05

"May your treehouse continue to bring you both much joy and many fun tourists from far and wide."
-- Johnny and Julie, San Antonio, Texas, 9/29/05

"Twelve stalwarts guard us
Cedar boughs cradle our dreams
Giving thanks
Moonlight dances on the creek
Such celebration!!
'05 Thanksgiving
Rainbow Bridge observation"
-- Kris K. and Patrick S., Bainbridge Island, WA, 11/23-24/05


"Our kids really did us a favor when they surprised us with two nights at Cedar Creek Treehouse for our 35th anniversary. I can't think of a more satisfying experience than to be nestled in the trees with the sound of the creek below. We loved every minute of our stay! Imagination is such a wonderful thing, and we sure have enjoyed being part of the journey yours has led us on. I loved the climb to the observatory and the rainbow bridge! Thanks for everything."
-- Linda, Santa Ynez, CA 6/23-24/04

"As far as architecture goes ... imaginative, responsive to its environment, spontaneous and resourceful ... and that just about covers this place."
-- David, architect, Santa Ynez, CA 6/23-24/04

"Thanks for making my 30th something I'll never forget!"
-- Monic and Jason, Issaquah, WA 5/9/04

"I started my treehouse experience when I was 7 years old. I put a blanket between two maple limbs (Indiana) and tied a rope to a bucket so my mother could put food in it, so I could spend the night. The experience of sleeping in your treehouse, with a full moon rising over the ridge, has completed a cycle at age 75. A sacred experience to be in the tops of the trees. Namaste"
-- Elaine E., WA 6/30/04

"Thanks for building this treehouse. I liked the view from the porch, and the tree in the middle of it was cool too!"
-- Abe. E, grandson, 6/30/04

"Thank you for creating an awe-inspiring space. Thank you for sharing your space with others. We have been happy here. Peace and Goodwill.”
-- Laura and Kelly

"Everyone says ‘Thanks for sharing.’ My thoughts exactly. This was the cherry on the sundae of our Northwest Adventure. John said his favorite part of the whole vacation was going up in your observatory! I am so glad that Mt. Rainier graced us with a glimpse that day. I have had an opportunity to experience the vast canyon between need and want, necessary and indulgent, important vs. trivial. With open eyes and open heart I shall continue my journey -- destination unplanned."
-- Amy and John C., Bloomfield, N.J. 7/8-10/04

"You have created an inspiring haven and we are grateful to have been able to share your experience. One needs to sit quietly and let nature surround the senses to make life's journey easier. Peace, love and happiness."
-- Marcy, Richard, Kyle, Spokane, WA & Reading, PA 7/18-19/04

"We had a great time! Here are some of the birds you might be hearing:" [here follows a list of 13 species, with sketches and song identifications.]
-- Dan and Liz, Los Angeles, CA 7/21/04

"Jas enjoyed fly fishing in the creek. We enjoyed the peace it gave each night ... so calm and happy."
-- Hana and Jason, Alger, WA 7/23-25/04

"High up in this tree,
What a great family memory!
Thanks for everything.”
-- William, Mary, Maryann and Robert P., San Antonio, TX 7/04

"We had a pleasant day at the park, but the ‘high point’ of our trip to Ashford was the tour of the newest addition to the treehouse family. The view from 100 feet up is breath-taking. Nice work on the stairs too, Cedar!"
-- Jon and Jess W., New Boston, NH 8/11-12/04

"Your treehouse is a beautiful little gem, and it was blissful to live among the treetops for a couple of days. Thanks for a one-of-a-kind- experience!"
-- Abby L. and Phil S., Philadelphia, PA 8/7-8/04

"Swaying in the breeze, high up in the trees...
As the brook below us sings its song
Millions of stars give us a wink and dance along."

"When I was younger I read Tolkien's works and always wished that I could visit the elves and sleep in the trees too -- now I've finally gotten my wish!"
-- Daven and David R., Glendale, CA 8/18-19/04

"I'm in treehouse heaven. This place makes my heart sing. Thank you."
-- Betsy M., Seattle. WA 9/29-30/04

"Aaron says this is the best birthday present ever ... memories to last a lifetime! See you again soon. Peace!
-- Amy and Aaron, Corvallis, OR 10/8-9/04


"We are so glad we heard about you all the way out to Hammaro in Sweden. This has been a highlight of our 10 day trip in the USA. Next time we will bring our daughters with us."
-- Carina and Anders Forsberg, Hammaro, Sweden 5/2/03

"Thanks, Bill, for 48 hours of creekside bliss. We'll be back -- (again!) ..."
-- Asha R. and Larry P. Spokane, Wa. 5/31/03

"My best birthday present ever. Everything was perfect -- the view, the silence, the sky! Thank you so much."
-- Candice S and Deborah P. Houston, Texas 7/4/03

"Our evening hike to High Rock lookout was magical ... Thanks for all your phone calls and patience in helping us set this up. It's been a wonderful contrast to the heat, humidity, and highrises of Hong Kong."
-- Lauren and Mike J. Tai Tam, Hong Kong 7/23/03

"So many people never follow their passion. Thank you for following yours when you built the treehouse. We'll never forget it."
-- Vicki and Mark Grand Blanc, Mi. 7/26/03

"The memories of our honeymoon here will never cloud or get jumbled with memories of other places we have stayed. We will both treasure this experience forever!"
-- Dan and Cindy, 7/28/03

"What a wonderful time we had! Everything is so beautiful-- even better than we could have imagined. Can't wait to revisit when the spiral staircase is done!"
-- Bob and Heather, Kennesaw, Ga. 7/29/03

"This was definitely the highlight of our cross-country trip! It's beautiful. It was exciting and relaxing at the same time. Now my 10-year-old son is making plans to build a treehouse in the woods behind our house. (Seth says he's staying here and living here 'forever' ... take good care of him, Bill!)"
-- Jill, Tim, Sarah (age 14), and Seth (age 10) K. Baltimore, Md. 8/10/03

"We have stayed in many unusual places on our two road-trips West from Maryland. This included a 30 ft. cement tipi on Rt. 66, a bed and breakfast w/ theme rooms, a cabin in Yellowstone, and now a treehouse looking out on Mt. Rainier. Our stay HERE has been my favorite!!"
-- Sarah K.

"A wonderful way to end a honeymoon. Started with hiking about 100 miles on the Wonderland Trail and ended by lounging about in a treehouse. Awesome ... Thanks for the amazing space."
-- Cheryl and Mike M. Everett, Wa. 8/15/03

"Thanks so much for building this unbelievable treehouse and more importantly, for opening it up for others to share. The pictures on the website, as awesome as they are, don't come close to doing this place justice. Seeing the river otter chasing the trout in the stream was a bonus. Can't wait to come back again when your observation tower is finished!"
-- Michael, Ann, Lisa, and Patrick 8/03

"Thanks for making our 19th annual 'Cousins Convention' unforgettable. We have stayed in unusual places before, but this is 'treetops' above everything else! We had so much fun -- thanks for sharing this beautiful place."
-- The Cousins -- Sheila D. (Columbia, Tennessee,) and Judy P. (Florence, Alabama) 8/23/03

"So far this is a great new adventure for all of us in our family! This is our first trip to Washington and, in fact, for me and my brother, our first trip to the States which hasn't been Boston. This is a true highlight of our trip to Washington. The beds are very comfortable and cozy! The hammock is excellent and perfect for wildlife spotting! The creek is wonderful! You should have seen my dad trying to swim laps in it! My brother couldn't even get in, it was so cold! I've only been here a few hours, but I'm relaxed already! Who knows what I'll be like after it's over."
-- Emma (age 10) Great Britain 8/26/03

"Best of luck on the spiral staircase! P.S. -- Mars was beautiful from the loft."
-- the Francis family 8/28/03

"The four of us enjoyed your fantasy as our reality. Cheers!"
-- Ty, Matt, Jon, Tasha 9/7/03

"Of all our wedding presents, staying in this enchanting treehouse was the most romantic. We'll never forget it."
-- Marilyn and Alan, Portland, OR 9/8/03

"Thanks for sharing your treehouse with the rest of the world and allowing us to experience the view. Our stay was truly memorable. The Moon and Mars were lovely in the treetops!"
-- Chuck and Allison, Sunbury, Ohio 9/9/03

"Expected to see Tom Bombadill, traipsing along that ridge beyond the creek, JRR Tolkien-esque. You've created a niche, to perch and peak at the ocean of Ents. Delightful place to dream."
-- Susan, David, and Sam 9/14/03

"As we walked through the park, the sun was setting. I turned to my wife and asked her what her idea of a romantic weekend would be. She thought briefly and replied, 'I'd spend the night in a treehouse, having dinner over candlelight, and there would be a creek outside where we could skinny-dip after dinner.'   It was just a fantasy, but here we are! It's been a wonderful two days with the trees and view and rain. We'd come back in a heartbeat."
-- Shannon and Amy M., Chicago, Il. 10/16/03

"Thank you Bill for accomodating my winter birthday adventure! As an Australian, this is my first snow-covered one! Now I shall eat breakfast and talk of the next visit to the treehouse (summer next time!!)."
-- Nathan and Casey, Melbourne, Australia, and Kent, Wa. 11/22/03


"On the first night we had much wind, but the rocking became soothing and we soon found our fear becoming a deep, peaceful sleep. The night after that we were treated to a blanket of snow that gave us a white, beautiful morning. On our third day we drove into Seattle, but we quickly tired of the city and couldn't wait to climb back into our little nest in the trees. Thanks for a great getaway! "
--Philip and Monica, Sacramento. Ca. 4/16/02

"Good morning-- We had an incredible sunset last night ... the pink and orange hues danced on the treetops ... while the smoke from our fire slowly wound its way up towards the moon and stars.  I awoke this morning utterly refreshed.  I haven't slept that soundly in a long time. This place is an insomniac's cure -- such an incredibly tranquil place for the mind and spirit.Thank you"
--Kirsten and Andy- 5/16/ 02

"We have been waiting for a year to get back to Mt. Rainier and stay in your treehouse. It was worth the wait! The babbling brook was especially soothing. Thanks for a great time."
--Ed and Carol, Lee's Summit, Mo. and Heather B.(grand-daughter, Langley, WA) 5/24/02

"Mt. Rainier is a magical place, and I'll add the treehouse to my list of "musts" for anyone visiting here. Cheers."
--Larry and Asha, Spokane, WA 5/25/02

"For two people who are usually NEVER at a loss for words, we find ourselves speechless! We have fallen in love with this incredible gift every minute we've been here. Thank you for sharing your archetectural passion with us."
--Ben and Katy, Pittsburgh, PA 6/4/02

"This place needs a REAL couch and a T.V ... (just kidding)..... I loved it."
--Zach M. age 13, Auburn, WA
"I loved when the tree moved when the wind blows. I also loved the hammock!"
--Blaine M. age 10
"This place is a jewel!"
--Tina M.
"We had one of the best times of our lives! We have traveled to many places in this world, finding a place like your's makes home all the more awesome! Thanks so much."
--Tom M. and family, Auburn. WA 6/9/02

"This is a 5-star treehouse. Staying here ignited our imaginations. Now possibilities seem like probabilities!"
--Jan and Jeff T. Shaker Hts., OH 6/02

"Slept like a baby. Can't think of a better place to spend our 10th Anniversary."
--Anonymous, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for letting us stay in the treehouse. Now I want to build one. It was extraordinary!"
--Michael W. age 9, Effingham, IL 6/30/02

"Great to get out of 112 degrees in Phoenix and into your treehouse. It was a most memorable night! The whole fam damily enjoyed it."
--Mike, Mesa, AZ 7/02

"The creek was REALLY COLD! But very fun!  Wish we could stay longer!"
--Bert H., age 11, Deerfield, IL 7/10/02

"You have built the ULTIMATE escape.We have all enjoyed what we too often take for granted.....nature. Thanks again!"
--Brenda B., Larry L., Paul L., Seattle, WA, Ann Arbor, MI and Canton, MI 7/18/02

"How my wife managed to keep this a secret for two months was a miracle. The surprise was magical. We hope to visit again."
--Thad and Jan W., Independence, MI 7/15-17/02

"I remember helping you nail the first 20-foot section of ladder to this tree and wondering what this crazy guy was up to. Well, time has shown that you are one of those dreamers who knows how to fulfill a vision--and what a marvelous result.   I'm looking forward to seeing the "treehouse village" evolve. Thanks again."
--Bryan, Molly, Mimi, and Vera, Seattle, WA 7/23/02

"Wow!  The sound of the creek ... the treetop view, no T.V., no phone.   We have made our lives very complex in today's world and I know it's much better having a simple life. Back to the beauty of nature and walking among the mountains and forests.  We sure can't see this in Houston!!! Thanks."
--Cheryl L., Kingwood, TX 7/27/02

"I can't find the words to express how blown away I am at how super cool this really is.  It was cloudy and overcast but that didn't stop us! Sleeping felt like Mother Nature gently rockin' her little ones to bed. You'll definitely see us again."
--Cris and Kate , Portland, OR 7/29/02

"Laying in bed watching the sunrise over the trees ... and feeling part of it. One does really feel part of nature. An unforgettable 2 days, an experience we will recommend heartily to our friends."
--Dan and Barbara, Seattle, WA 8/02/02

"We were able to see the rain and sun pour beautiful color and shades of light through the canopy and on the hills. Complete with rainbow. It has been a very rewarding, peaceful, and refreshing experience. Thank you."
--Sarah R.
"By the time we left I was ready for a little storm front to move through! This memory shall live forever."
--Dan. R. Olympia, WA 8/4/02

"As a kid I used to play in the woods with friends, searching for which tree would make the perfect fort for our adventures. Now we can say we spent two nights in the best one of all. Thanks for creating such a space.  Good luck on treehouse #2 !"
--The Sacrey family, Deep River, CT 8/17/02

"I am so glad we heard about you all the way out in Madison, Wisconsin. This has been the highlight of our 10-day trip West. I am grateful for the sweet red thimbleberries that I ate after washing my hair in the Creek.  The mint tea I drank as the moon rose over Osborne Mountain ... the plentiful stars ... and the wonderful tree that has enlivened my heart and spirit. Thank you all. Namaste."
--Mo O. and MB B., Madison, WI 8/19/02

"We loved watching the jay feed the chicks in the morning as the sun was coming over the mountains. At night, the bats provided entertainment with their acrobatics outside the sunroom. And the stars were incredible. All of this, plus your lovely treehouse alongside a beautiful creek! We feel so lucky to have had the CHANCE to experience this enchanting place. We'll never forget it!"
--Patti and Jason, Oak Park, IL 8/28/02

"During our 30 years of marriage we've traveled extensively and had many wonderful experiences.  However, we have never stayed in a treehouse, so celebrating our 30th anniversary here was truly special! Thank you for creating this magical place!! We loved every minute."
--Dennis, Sue, Tyson, and Toby R. family, Seattle, WA 8/29/02

"What an experience for us and our nephews.  Two nights in the treehouse was not long enough! I saw a shooting star from bed through the skylight last night, too--big and bright.  WOW ... a memory that will be with us forever."
--Roy, Marilou, Tony, and Kevin, Tacoma, WA 9/8/02

"Thanks for a wonderful way to remember the Northwest before taking off for a couple of years in Africa ... I'll miss the cedars and green mountains!"
--Kate, 9/9/02

My life shall be forever changed
with the spirit of a child
May we all find ways in which
to allow our hearts to soar!

"This place gives me such hope for seeking pleasure in simple things. To the Moon ... and it was an amazing FULL moon!!"
-- from "Patty and Jennelle's Sweet Adventure," Portland, OR, Fall Equinox, 2002

"Your treehouse was a wonderful wedding gift to ourselves and birthday for me. It has served as a catalyst to launch us into the married stratosphere."
--Tony and Heather, Nashville, TN, 9/23-26/02

"Sincerest thank yous for sharing your dreams and vision. This small piece of heaven does the body, mind, and soul good. We look forward to returning!"
--Cori and Gord W., Seattle, WA 9/29/02


"Thanks for the privilege of staying in one of the most remarkable shelters on earth ... a thoroughly relaxing and cleansing experience." Namaste
-- Kurt and Michele C., Seattle, 4/01

" How wonderful to sit in a warm and dry home and feel it sway in the the wind. I want one of my own! Could not have asked for a better weekend away."
-- Diane and Dan, 4/01

"... soft music playing, he kneeled in front of me and took my breath away. He said that he brought me to this nest in our Enchanted Forest because he wanted to give me the fairy tale ... we're engaged!  In all my years of imagining it since I was a little girl, it could not have been more perfect or beautiful."
--Joy and Eric, 6/13/01

"Captain's log -- Star Date 6/15-6/16 2001  We encounter other interesting creatures like ourselves here in the Pacific Northwest ...our mission: to seek out special times for special people. On our next visit to this area we will return to the trees."
--Randell and Cherie S., Pine, Arizona

"Being out here has helped me make some very difficult decisions, both professionally and personally.  I really enjoyed your treehouse, Bill.   I hope not too many others find out about it!!"
-- Julie K., Spokane, WA 6/01

"This is definitely an experience I want to share with others close to me.  I'll be coming back again ..."
-- the Gehring group , 6/17--6/19/01

"Not only did we use the time to wade in the creek and get cozy in the treehouse, but we became better friends.  It allowed us the opportunity to relax and let down our guard.  I keep thinking of all the people that I want to bring here!"
-- Adana C., 7/01

"The whole gang had a great time and it certainly lived up to our expectations.  I hope this will be a regular place of refuge for us."
-- Nicole H., 7/01

"Perhaps in a dozen or so years this old Auntie will take yet another generation of nieces and nephews on an adventure. We'll definitely come back here!"
-- fondly, Joyce F., Montpelier, Vermont, 7/15-7/17/01

"Our youngest daughter, Lindsay, spends quite a bit of time in the trees and has always wanted a treehouse of her own. She is the one that discovered Cedar Creek Treehouse and encouraged us to make it part of our adventure. I only wish we had more time to stay and "listen to the quiet."
-- Tricia K. and family, Poquoson, Virginia, 7/18/01

"This is a wondrous building in a fabulous setting and our family has wholly enjoyed our few days here. We look forward to having our day in the octagon! Thanks a plenty."
-- the Humphery family, Kent, Britain 7/23-7/26/01

"I'm so glad I came here.  I liked trying to make a fire.   I want to live in a house like this when I'm old enough to have my own house!   Staying here was like a home ... Yay!!"
-- Anne, age 10 7/27/01

"The experience for my grandchildren and me was great.  It was so different that it will have a lasting effect on our relationship. Thank you for sharing."
-- Bonita M., Portland, OR, 7/26-7/27/01

"Thank you for the adventure of a lifetime ... and the best night's sleep that two L.A. lawyers have had in eons."
-- Stephen and Melissa C., Palos Verdes, CA, 8/4-8/6/01

"... you've written your greatest music up here in this tree -- a magnificent dream fulfilled for the enjoyment of others. Romantic and poetic beyond dreams. Thanks for the vision, the craft, and the courage."
-- Ed and Janet, 8/7/01

"Not to touch the earth, and almost touch the sky ... wow, you really topped off our vacation!"
-- Dan and Ilana, Phoenix, AZ, 8/13/01

"Not only have I been inspired to look for my own place of serenity, but the treehouse and surroundings calmed me in the way that I have been needing."
-- Trish L. 8/15/01

"I had a great time looking for salamanders. You gave us good ideas for our own treehouse!"
-- Kelley and Natalie M., age 10 and 12, Ridgewood, N.J. 8/22/01

"It was a magical evening in a magical place. Thanks to my brother for going along with this crazy idea of spending a night in a tree. What a trip!!"
-- Joni G., San Jose, Ca., and Paul G., Owings Mills, MD, 8/30/01

"This was an absolutely perfect place to spend the first night of our honeymoon!  Thank you so much!"
-- Dave and Jenny C. 8/23/01

"All three of us have our own personal reasons for needing a retreat, but we all were able to find what we needed here ... for me, spending a little time with my younger brother."
-- Shannon, Cris, and Sean 9/21/01

"In the times we live in now it is a safe feeling being here in the clouds.   If all the world could take one day in this place we would have a calm all around us."
-- Doris and Larry M. Ft. Worth, Texas, 10/7/01

"Thank you for a fabulous night tucked under the covers in your tree. We had been staying at the youth hostel in Seattle all week, so we didn't know what to do with ourselves when we didn't hear a half dozen drunken Mongolians clamoring down the hallway at 3 in the morning."
-- Valerie and Andy, St. Louis, MO, 10/11-10/12/01

"Sitting up here in this canopy with a mystical white tapestry enveloping the nearby mountains has soothed our souls and reminded us of the importance of pursuing dreams. Thank you for inspiring in us new dreams of our own."
-- Frances and Shane, 10/8/01


Environmentally Conscious
Awe inspiring

Really high
Killer views

Roaring creek
Elevated living
Heavenly hammock
Outstanding construction
Star-gazing Mecca
Enormously satisfying!

-- Tom D.-Durham,N.C. , Kathy N.- Intervale, N.H., Scott and Lori- Portland, OR, 10/7/00

"As a family with two teenagers, you need to have those "for no reason at all" times away from the daily routines to reconnect. This wonderful treehouse is just the ticket. No computer, phones, or TV -- just beauty and peace. Thank you. "
-- Dan, Cheryl, Brad, Alicia M , Kirkland, WA, 9/24/00

"Since it was a surprise, I was very curious why my husband would venture so far past the "private property" signs ... but as soon as I heard accordion music emerging from the trees, I knew we were exactly in the right place!"
-- Michelle and Arthur H., Richland, WA, 9/21/00

"We came very far away from Finland to look at this wonder.  I noticed the treehouse from the Internet a half year ago and now we are here. A very exciting place!"
-- Kimmo K., Helsinki, Finland, 9/16/00

"We have traveled all over the world, but this place is certainly the most unique hideaway yet!"
-- Chuck B. and Rita K., Seattle, WA, 9/00

" This week fulfilled my childhood fantasy to live in a treehouse. The hike to High Rock lookout was the high point of our trip. Thanks for the recommendation. We'll tell all our friends about you and your excellent arboreal abode!"
-- Deepak and Harry , Washington, D.C., 8/31/00

"We have spent this past year in Fukuoka, Japan. What we would have given to look out and see a sea of trees!! We leave in two days to return to Japan, but will remember this always."
-- Claire G. and David B., 9/2/00

"... and only then, with my wife and Bill looking at me with devious smiles, did I know that I wasn't going camping -- I was going to spend two nights in a treehouse! What a great present!"
-- Calvin and Kathy, Tacoma, WA, 8/12/00

"We left 105 degrees back in the Dallas area, along with traffic, hurry, noise, news, etc. This was a wonderful break ... except, who was voted off "Survivor" this week???"
-- Betty and Russell W., Plano, Texas, 8/10/00

"It's wonderful being in the trees! We leave tomorrow, but this experience will be one of my favorite memories forever.  P.S. -- Try the hammock-- it's heavenly!!"
-- Howard and Claudia, Edmonds, WA, 8/16/00

"When I badly messed up my ankle in the Olympic National Park backcountry and had to be flown out by helicopter to the hospital, I was looking forward to a relaxing few days and nights in your treehouse.I t was difficult climbing the stairs with crutches, but well worth it. I can't wait to share this with my friends back home. We got the relaxation we needed and the perfect ending to a perfect honeymoon ... Thanks. "
-- Melissa and Scott H. Lafayette, Indiana 8/00, Go Purdue!

"Best view I ever expect to have from a "port-a-potty" ......and FRESH FLOWERS!!"
-- the Peters family (two generations) 8/00, Western Springs, Illinois/ Bedford, Texas/ Munich, Germany

"We are celebrating our parents' 25th wedding anniversary ... and they were nice enough to invite us kids! Thank you, Bill, for sharing this with us."  "It is a tree of life to them that hold fast"B'Shalom (go in peace)
-- Barbara, Philip, Max, Emily, and Gabriel E. ,Dallas, TX, 8/5/00

"Water's cold -- fire was fun -- completely restful. This place ROCKS! A natural high!"
-- Larry and Annette H., Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ryan B.m St. Louis, MO, Chad H., Baton Rouge, Louisiana7/31/00

"Dragged afraid-of-heights Mom up here. After ten minutes of coaxing, she hugged the tree!" -- Alexandra (12 years)
"It was worth being scared to pieces!!" -- Mom (not 12 years)
-- the O. and K. family, Washington, D.C., 7/00

"This trip was planned to introduce our new daughter-in-law to the beauty of the great Northwest. The stay here was a highlight to this adventure. It will be one of our fondest memories."
-- Dennis, Shirley, Dan and Jennifer P., Westland, Michigan, 7/00

"I can't express how cozy and wonderful it was to be snug in the loft while the lightning, thunder, and wind raged outside. We enjoyed our stay immensely."
-- John S. and Heather McG., Seattle, WA, 7/21/00

"We have named your tree "the Giving Tree."  It has given you and your guests so many years of enjoyment. Thank you for such a unique experience."
-- John, Caren, Jack, and Webb C., McLean, Virginia, 7/20/00

"I was supposed to be researching our Hawaii vacation, but my fingers typed in "treehouse vacations" in the keyword space while I was on the Internet.  I immediately felt a kindred spirit to this place and knew that Brad and I were not going to Hawaii, but to Cedar Creek Treehouse!!"
-- Cyndee and Brad S., Monroe, WA, 7/16/00

"You have managed to find the fine line of minimal living without sacrificing basic comforts ... something to learn from. ............Don't want to go!........"
-- Richard and Nicole, Portland, Oregon, 7/13/00

"Worth the money and the trip! Memorable for a lifetime. Great family vacation!!"
-- Melissa, Rachael, Sean, Nickie C., Gig Harbor, WA, 7/00

"We rode here on our ' 96 Fat Boy "Harley"from Spokane, WA. These are our "wonder years"-- the kids are grown (3 sons) and on their own with 3 beautiful wives (daughters-in-law) and three precious grandchildren. What a special birthday present ... I think he loves me very much!"
-- Jodie M. - Spokane, WA, 6/27/00

"She's right about that!!"
-- Bob. M., Spokane, WA, 6/27/00

"This is the best treehouse ever-- thanks for the tour! "
-- Miles G. and Mike (age 10) 7/4/00

"I could have slept in the hammock and watched the butterflies glide through the trees all day."
-- Brian and Melanie B., Pflugerville, Texas, 7/12/00

"I came all the way from Norway to experience this unusual style of living.   In our country trees are not as big, and would not support such an impressive structure."
-- Peter P., Norway, 5/1/00

"This treehouse was just one more unique place in my memory in which I was able to tell my wife Michelle how much I love her."
-- Michael and Michelle, Lake Stevens, WA, 6/5/00

"Here is a toast to four friends I love most -- high in the sky with a tree as a host!"
-- Lee L., Dickerson, Maryland, 5/00

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness, hard work, and inspiration in creating this treehouse that so many others can enjoy. We have had a blissful two days and are reluctant to return to civilization."
-- Ellen M. and Todd T., Owings Mills, MD, 5/30/00

"... then Curtis proposed to me under the stars. What a perfect night!   This treehouse will always be a wonderful memory for us."
-- Megan S. and Curtis B., Pennsylvania, 3/25/00


"May the music never end in this wonderful place!"
-- Nikki K., Minnesota, 9/99

"We anticipated our stay in the treehouse as the highlight of our family vacation.  It did not disappoint!"
-- Mike M. & family, Ohio 8/99

" We arrived as friends and leave as Soul-mates ..."
-- Joan N., Seattle, 7/99

"One of the best travel assignments I've ever had! Thanks for the hospitality."
-- Rob E., The Portland Oregonian 6/99

" An Architectural Marvel!" -- Michael S./ principal architect, Chicago 5/99

"Tree-riffic!  Best spot in Washington.   Keep it up!"
-- Rob. C, Producer Alternatives, 2-28-99


"The primitive heart beat of Nature -- wind in the trees, the babbling brook -- the creaking of the treehouse .. watching the sky roll over the treetops ... red wine, leopard skin underwear, wild sex, the roar of wild animals -- the closest we've found in the Northwest to our jungle paradise.  Thanks for the memories.
-- Tarzan & Jane, 8-22-98

"The best place to be for stargazing! We wanted to give my Kentucky in-laws a Northwest experience, and now they will say there is no place to go but UP!!
-- Russ, Peri, & Julie, 8-14-98

"From fifty feet up the starry night was incredible! Your treehouse is a charm.  Thank you.
-- Shawn & Adrian, 7-17-98

"Happy New Year!  What a wonderful way to start the new year.   We loved listening to the creek at night and watching the snowflakes hit the skylights in the morning.  The perfect retreat for a newly engaged couple.  This experience, in a way, was the kick-off to our new life together.  Thanks for making your hideout available to us!
Joe & Teresa, Seattle, 1-1-99

"Our treehouse is cozy.  What a wonderful place for two aging children/lovers to spend a quality Thanksgiving together.  See you in the Sun!!"
-- Jan & Ted, 11-26-98

"It's hard to beat: private location -- 50' up -- wonderful trees & woods -- flowing creek -- charming & cozy house -- breathtaking view -- loft with starry nights -- no phone!  Thanks for a very special place!"
-- Jim & Ginny, Puyallup, 10-19-98

"What a unique, interesting, and beautiful place -- it was great getting high the old-fashioned way -- by really getting high!  Thanks for the hot tea."
-- Grant G., Northwest Backroads, KING5-TV, Seattle, 12-7-98

"The photographic possibilities are endless way up here.  Thanks for preserving the old growth.  We'll be back!"
-- Tom B., KING5-TV, Seattle, 12-7-98

"What a place!  What a view!  What a night!  What a memorable experience!  We will tell our friends ... just hope they believe us."
-- Jeff & Lisa, 9-13-98

"As the moon found her way
    Across the fog dappled night
        We slumbered in our tree top nest
            Chirping happily
               Communing with the fairies."
-- Hugh &Beth, Gig Harbor, 10-25-98

"Nothing really needs to be said about the magnificent view ... we'll be back to enjoy it soon enough!!"
-- Gary & Elizabeth, Halloween 1998

Cedar Creek Treehouse, P.O. Box 204, Ashford, WA 98304