Cedar Creek Treehouse

at Mt. Rainier


NEWS UPDATE 2015/2016

The 2015 season continued to bring adventurous guests from all over the country and beyond. Artists, engineers, architects, musicians, honeymooners, anniversaries, birthdays... even an octogenarian and a trapeze artist from Brazil.

After 18 years, Cedar Creek Treehouse is still ranked as one of the world's premier treehouses and continues to receive outstanding media recognition. We are featured in the 2016 Extraordinary Treehouses calendar (Abrams Publishing, New York) which states on the back cover: Spend 2016 high above the ground on a tour of extraordinary treehouses. From an arboreal observatory overlooking Mt. Rainier in Washington State to an aerie in Sri Lanka to a bright red abode in Sweden, this 16-month calendar features 25 of the most unusual, inspiring, and wonderful treehouses in the world.

   We are showcased in Canadian Geographic 2016 Travel magazine as their top attraction in Washington State,with a spectacular centerfold photo of Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory taken from the Sunbridge and a great story by Nick Walker.
   The Huffpost Travel Blog ran an article "10 Incredible Tree-House Hotels in the U.S." and said in the article " Ascend five stories above the forest floor to the Cedar Creek Treehouse, where you'll enjoy breathtaking views."

NEWS UPDATE 2014/2015

San Diego to Brooklyn
St. Pete to Walla Walla
Thailand.....Taiwan ...........Africa
Boston to Austin
Vermont and Virginia 2014 featured guests from all over.

After 17 years of operation, we're very fortunate to continue to host so many kindred spirits of all ages. Many say we inspire them, but it works both ways: It inspires us to be a part of such special events as father/son and mother/daughter trips, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, big-O birthdays, and "bucket list" adventures. Sharing the magic and natural beauty of this area is truly a pleasure. Our guest comments speak for themselves.

Our newest creation is the 165 foot fabric slide connecting the the Floating Treehouse to the forest floor, used by the owners for fast and fun descents. (Sorry--not for guests' use!)

We also have added a 75 foot swing which many guests have enjoyed as part of the tour. A super-see-saw is in the works as well.

Cedar Creek Treehouse is featured in the January 2015 issue of "American Forests" magazine and the March 2015 issue of "Men's Journal" magazine.

We've been focusing more on treehouse tours this past season as an option to treehouse lodging. It can be said in no uncertain terms that the Cedar Creek Treehouse tour is absolutely the highest, most thrilling treehouse tour being offered today, anywhere. We book tours and lodging by phone only, so give us a call to inquire or make a reservation.

See you soon!

NEWS UPDATE 2013/2014

Cedar Creek Treehouse celebrated it's 16th season in 2013 and continued to receive outstanding media attention both nationally and abroad.

Sierra Club (April 8) included us as one of their "4 of the World's Most Magical Treehouse Hotels", the only US pick. The three others hailed from Sweden, China, and Costa Rica.

US News and World Report Travel (March 25) featured us in their "Top Treehouse Hotels", again, the only US choice from ten around the world.

Over in the UK, the Sunday Times Travel (May 12), highlighted us in their piece " A Killer Location", while London's Daily Mail touted Cedar Creek Treehouse as one of the "World's Coolest Treehouses". (January 19).

We were once more featured in Conde' Naste Traveller (September 29) in their "Incredible Treehouse Hotels", and Men's Health Magazine (May) considered us one of "The 20 Manliest Hotels in America".( not quite sure what qualifies as "manly".... we have many "womanly" guests as well!).

Cedar Creek Treehouse finally made it on YouTube in Odd Inns, (March 15) "Top 10 Treehouse Inns and Hotel Tree Resorts".

And lastly, Phoenix Magazine (June) named us as one of their favorites in "Summer Getaways".

We have enjoyed showing guests our new floating treehouse and have plans for a modified zip line to add to the adventure. Stay tuned.

Cedar Creek Treehouse does all booking by phone, so we have discontinued using email. If you have questions or want to check availability, please call us at 360-789-6773. ( click on "Rates" on top of homepage.)

We look forward to our 17th season as one of the world's premier treehouse hotels. See you in 2014!

NEWS UPDATE 2012/2013

It has taken three years (mostly summers) and a lot of hard work, but, as promised, Cedar Creek Treehouse is proud to present our unique Floating Treehouse to the world.

Please visit the new photo gallery for some sensational shots.

The Floating Treehouse will be part of our treehouse tour (→ tour information) and will not be offered as overnight lodging. This structure, 72 feet in the air and accessed by the Sun Bridge, is the only one of its kind on the planet.....(for that matter, all of our creations are.)

The Sun Bridge also provides power to the floating treehouse via a solar panel which we've used for over 30 years. We recently hoisted two newer solar panels 93 feet high to hang from the south wall section of Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory, powering our home below. Getting the solar panels (350 watts) that high up greatly increased sun exposure and hence charging capacity. (Another good reason to face your treehouse south.) Keep in mind that we live in a rain forest in the Pacific Northwet (I mean, Northwest). But, believe it or not, solar works for five months out of the year. The original 55 watt panel we bought in 1982 ($500 at the time) still works way beyond its 20 year warranty. As you can probably guess, we are big believers in solar energy. It is clean, renewable, and well worth the initial investment. Do yourself a favor and check out solar systems to supplement your on-grid power setup!

In media news. we were featured in the July/August 2012 issue of Conde' Nast magazine (Moscow, Russia) and locally in the August 2012 issue of Seattle Met magazine under the cover title " The Ultimate Guide To Mt. Rainier National Park". Cedar Creek Treehouse was one of two lodgings featured in the story.

And in the UK, Octopus Publishing's latest book "501 GREAT PLACES TO STAY"(Bounty Books, London) , included Cedar Creek Treehouse among their choices of favorite places to visit around the world by five travel writers. This 544 page beautifully illustrated travel guide is a pleasure to read, featuring exotic lodging experiences from all over the globe.

We book by phone only, so please call us to make a reservation or to book a treehouse tour. Reservations for the 2013 season will be taken starting February 1. Come walk the new Sun Bridge and experience the wonder of a Floating Treehouse 72 feet in the treetops with unimaginable views of Mt. Rainier and surrounding peaks. Enjoy unsurpassed privacy and solitude in an enchanted forest. Live in the tree canopies. Feel the wind. Listen to the creek below. And relax.

NEWS UPDATE 2011/2012

2011, our 14th season, brought more adventurous guests and amazing accolades.

Outside magazine’s feature “ The Best Treehouse Getaways ” called Cedar Creek Treehouse “the granddaddy of treehouse hotels in the US, if not the world.” (Outside.com Nov. 1, 2011) In CBS Watch! magazine (Dec. 2011), travel editor Peter Greenberg rated our “crafty and creative” treehouse hotel one of “Five Unusual Holiday Hideaways around the World” ; in his piece Novel Noels.

Locally, CBS Seattle ranked us among their top six picks in “Guide to the Most Unique Hotels in Washington.”; (Feb. 7, 2012) The Travel Channel will air a new show this 2012 season, “Park Secrets,” which will feature Mt. Rainier National Park and its neighbor Cedar Creek Treehouse. (whoops, no secret now!)

USA Today.com (Travel Tips/International Lodging) lists us as one of “Ten Hotels You Should Know About,” ; with “spectacular views of Mt. Rainier and eco-friendly.” MSN Travel.com rated Cedar Creek Treehouse as one of the top nine “Coolest Treehouse Hotels in the World.” ; (Dec. 8, 2011) And, believe it or not, Vogue magazine featured us in a piece called “Let’s Go Glamping.” ; (Vogue.com Oct. 28, 2011)

Glamping is a hybrid term for glamorous camping. We aren’t sure what that means, but you might want to leave your $1,100 Chanel short boots at home… as well as the $750 Ralph Lauren lantern. (Actually, the lantern is not a bad idea, but I know where you can get yourself a bona fide “glamping” one locally for much less.) We do provide, in their words “your own eco-friendly, solar-powered treetop penthouse.” (Of sorts. Check our “Amenities” for details.) Always a good idea to visit our website thoroughly.

In February, Choices Magazine included Cedar Creek Treehouse in a list of "12 Fantastic Tree Houses From Across The World"

We have enjoyed hearing from guests over the years, and we hope you’ll continue to write us and share memories of your stay. Fifteen years is almost another generation! We also appreciate any news or information you have to share. Occupy Cedar Creek Treehouse in 2012!

NEWS UPDATE 2010/2011

When we said in last year’s news update, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” well, we weren’t kidding. Check out the new 68 ft. long bridge in the sky, sun bridgethe Sun Bridge. This was constructed the summer of 2010 with the help of Amanda, Erik, Jonatha, and Bill, and took two days to hoist 75 feet into the forest canopy, thanks to Cedar, Jonatha, and friends.

The Sun Bridge connects the Stairway to Heaven with the new floating treehouse foundation. This platform, a web of steel cables and aluminum ladders, was constructed and hoisted in the summer and fall of 2009 (see photos) and will support a treehouse which will seemingly float, suspended between five trees, 75 feet above the forest floor. It offers spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Wow and other peaks within Mt. Rainier National Park. As the floating web was being designed and constructed, my son Cedar spent the summer 85 feet in the treetops, doing all the scary, intense prep work which included installing wood spacers around all five trees and guying each to an anchor tree below. Prudent, selective limbing was necessary, as well as connecting three of the trees and building a landing deck on the other two. By early September, with the help of my daughter Amanda, Erik and their wonderful Bellingham WA friends, we raised high the floating web. This was no small feat, requiring six double pulleys and a thousand feet of rope, everyone hoisting in unison.

We’ll begin construction of the floating treehouse this summer (2011) and it will be included as part of the Stairway to Heaven and Treehouse Observatory tour which is offered to all our guests. Not for the acrophobic, but it’s optional -- no obligation! Either way, you are in for a thrill not offered anywhere else on this planet.

The 82-foot spiral staircase, the Stairway to Heaven, is the only structure of its kind. It has been cited as one of the top 20 spiral staircases in the world by a number of websites including www.oobject.com and was featured in The Smithsonian, Popular Mechanics, and National Geographic Traveler magazines. With the addition of the new Sun Bridge and construction of the floating treehouse, we promise even more surprises in the near future. Stay tuned.

This was our 13th season and our first with only two guests maximum per booking. As a result, we had many happy birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons as well as moms and daughters, brothers and sisters, and close friends celebrating a special adventure together (see Guest Comments). Our location truly sets us apart -- a verdant mountain homestead within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, magical treehouses high in the sky, a pristine creek running by -- and Mt. Rainier National Park ten minutes away.

There are many reasons Cedar Creek Treehouse was chosen as one of the top five treehouse hotels in the world by London newspapers The Guardian and The Independent.

We look forward to the 2011 season and having you as our guests!

NEWS UPDATE 2009/2010

Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured on ABC's Good Morning America (July 30, 2009) as one of five unique lodgings in America by the editors of Travel & Leisure magazine. The Chicago Tribune rated us in the Top Ten Treehouse Lodgings in the world (April 2009). In Weimar, Germany, the treehouse was part of the "90 Years of Treehouses" exhibit this winter. The Stairway To Heaven - the only 82-foot spiral staircase on the planet encircling a tree -- was ranked one of the top 20 spiral staircases in the world by oobject.com and other websites.

We've also completed the first phase of our latest treehouse project. Suffice to say, all you treehouse builders out there...you ain't seen nothing yet. Extreme? We are re-defining the concept of "extreme." Stay tuned.

Last, but not least, we have made a policy change after 12 years. As much as we've enjoyed having families and groups as guests, we'll only be booking a maximum of two people from now on, and only age 21 or over. (Click on Rates for more information.) Most of our guests are celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and honeymoons, so this is a logical step for us. Other treehouses out there are more geared for children.

The weather has been mild this winter and spring should be mellow. July, August, and September are the peak months and usually book first. Please call to inquire or to make a reservation.

NEWS UPDATE 2008/2009

2008, our eleventh year, continued to bring us adventurous guests and great media recognition. Cedar Creek Treehouse was highlighted in National Geographic Traveler magazine (July/August) as “one of the highest out there” in their Hotel Central feature entitled “Stairways To Heaven,” accompanied by a photo of our rainbow bridge and treehouse observatory. US Airways magazine (July) gave us top billing in their “All Over the Map” segment called “Travel Trend-Treetop Tranquility.”

Sunset magazine (August) rated Cedar Creek Treehouse in their Top Ten “Dare To Dream” feature “Best Ways To Fulfill Your Travel Fantasies Today.” We were showcased, with two great photos, in the Indianapolis Star travel section (Indy Sunday, November 16) as an “out of the ordinary place to sleep.” (Other options included Sweden’s Ice Hotel, a refurbished 18th century windmill in France and cave hotels in Australia and New Mexico.)

Seattle’s KOMO 4 TV aired a special on Cedar Creek Treehouse as part of their “4 the Earth” series, hosted by Robert Santos in May. The program focuses on environmentally friendly topics, and can be viewed online.

We had beautiful summer and fall weather, but as of this update, winter has arrived. Our award for “Heartiest Guests of the Year” goes to Adam and Royya of California who drove many miles and stayed two nights in mid-December during a 16-inch snowfall and 24-degree weather. (We suggest visiting in spring, summer, or fall!)

Speaking of visiting, we now offer exclusive tours of Cedar Creek Treehouse through our Cedar Loft Cabin (www.cedarloftcabin.com) It’s the only way to visit the treehouse without booking a reservation!

NEWS UPDATE 2007/2008

Cedar Creek Treehouse has always been known as an environmentally friendly eco-resort. Recently it was chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the top three “extreme hotels” in the world. We’ll be featured in their pilot episode Extreme Hotels airing Dec. 20, 2007. Check for local listings in your area and for repeats. We were also showcased in National Geographic Kids magazine (Oct. 2007) as an eco-vacation destination using solar power. The Miami Herald featured Cedar Creek Treehouse in their fall/winter 2007 travel magazine’s “Alone with Nature” as a place where guests can “mountain bike, hike, swim, fish, pick huckleberries in the summer and hunt for chanterelle mushrooms in the fall.” It’s great to see a growing trend toward “green getaways” where nature is the main attraction. With Mt. Rainier National Park and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest literally in our backyard, it’s hard to find a better way to enjoy the great outdoors.

In Australia, Cedar Creek Treehouse appeared on Channel 9’s “Getaway” reaching two million viewers across the continent. The TV crew also visited Mt. Rainier National Park and was rewarded with good weather – always a bonus – for both shoots. In other media news, we were highlighted in the London Sunday Times (Dec. 2 issue) and Singapore Airline’s travel magazine Silverkris. Meanwhile, back in the USA, Men’s Journal (July issue) voted Cedar Creek Treehouse the “best motel room in the sky.” (So, how do you drive up there?)

We celebrated our tenth year with guests and friends on July 17. But as special as that was, it couldn’t top the “the wedding of the century” on Sept. 8 when treehouse owner/builder Bill Compher and Sarah Scott were married on the Rainbow Bridge 80 feet in the air. In what could be described as an “extreme wedding,” guests watched from the creek below in a state of suspended disbelief as Bill and Sarah ascended the Stairway to Heaven and exchanged vows on the colorful suspension bridge. This first-ever Rainbow Bridge wedding was such a hit that we’ve decided to offer it as an option to guests. Please let us know if you’re interested in a high-flying wedding of your own!

NEWS UPDATE 2006-2007

Another fantastic year in the forest, thanks, as always, to our fine guests. Magic and romance were in the air… the twinkle of starry skies...and newly acquired engagement rings. Honeymoon surprises. (Note to future couples: Arriving in a designer wedding gown and tuxedo is not a good idea!) Anniversary and birthday surprises…(something special about a secret). Also, families and friends from across the country, as well as from Russia, Germany, and Australia, all making memories while they can. We’re always honored to be a part of these events and to share this enchanted part of the world with you.

2006 brought more media recognition, globally, nationally and locally.

Cedar Creek Treehouse was chosen as the number one treehouse hotel in the world by the Sun-Herald newspaper (Sydney, Australia, “Take Five” April 30, 2006). We were featured in the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich) in “Die Besten Baumhotels” (March, 2006) and in the Guardian newspaper (London) as one the “Five Best” treehouses worldwide. We were ranked as “The #6 Most Unusual Hotel in the World” by the HDTV Discovery Channel show “Ultimates” (The Orient Express was ranked # 7) and showcased on www.concierge.com -- Conde-Nast Traveler.

National media features included HGTV’s “Out On A Limb” (April 2006), Popular Mechanics magazine (“High Concept Cascades” March 2006)…Weekend Magazine (Nature Lover--“Nesting Instinct” July/August 2006 Hearst Pub./ N.Y.)

And locally, KSTW’s (Channel 11, Seattle/Tacoma) “FreeTime” October 2006… KBTC’s (Tacoma PBS) “Full Focus” May 16, 2006… Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s “The Getaways--Sleep in a Tree” (June 2006)…Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Travel & Excursions” (June 30, 2006)…Inland NW Homes & Lifestyles “From the Ground Up” (Oct./Nov. 2006)…Change Magazine (Houston, TX, June 2006)

Strange as it may seem, Cedar Creek Treehouse appears in thousands of 4th Grade 2007 student textbook editions published by Scott-Foresman (USA and Italy).

And, yes folks, also hard to believe, but 2007 will be the 10th Anniversary of Cedar Creek Treehouse! That, of course, will require a celebration. We’ll be having a little party on July 17 (Tuesday), with music, feasting, and merry-making. And some photo ops. If you are a guest from the past with a memory to share and would like to attend, please contact us!

WINTER 2005/2006

First, in Spring 2006 – coming to a TV or magazine rack near you – Cedar Creek Treehouse will be featured in the March 2006 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine, which will examine the "nuts and bolts" construction techniques of both treehouses and staircases, the Rainbow Bridge, and an interview with builder Bill Compher.

In April, HGTV (Home and Garden cable TV network) will showcase Cedar Creek Treehouse resort in a special program called "Out on a Limb", shot in high definition. Don't miss it! The Travel Channel will continue to air repeats of three other shows featuring Cedar Creek Treehouse (Secrets of Seattle, Amazing Vacation Homes, and Tremendous Treehouses).

The 2005 season was our eighth and busiest yet, with bookings throughout the fall and as late as Thanksgiving. What makes hosting our guests such a pleasant experience is the excitement and adventurous spirit each brings with them on their visit. (See Guest Comments 2005.)

Let's face it: sleeping 60 feet high in a giant cedar tree deep in the forest, climbing an 85 foot spiral staircase, walking a 45 foot long suspension footbridge to a treehouse observatory 100 feet in the sky and viewing mountain goats through a spotting scope ... that takes a special kind of person ... and we're GLAD THEY EXIST!! Thank you all for your enthusiasm and continued encouragement.

We have enjoyed the new spotting scope, and often viewed climbers on their way to Camp Muir (the stone huts there are visible) and mountain goats on Mt. Wow and the cliffs of Tumtum Peak (in Mt. Rainier National Park).

Six hearty folks from Wisconsin attended a wedding in the treehouse observatory in June – a first-time event there. (There were no tuxedos or wedding gowns, but the local preacher was very careful not to get tree sap on his fancy silk robe.)

Cedar Creek Treehouse is featured in a beautiful new book Treehouses by Paula Henderson and Adam Mornement (Frances-Bacon Publishers, London) and was chosen by the Guardian newspaper (London) as One of the World's Best Five Treehouses.

We were also ranked #1 by the 2005 Rand McNally Road Atlas (U.S. Canada and Mexico) as the "Most Unusual Place to Sleep." The competition included an undersea lodge, an ice hotel, castles, steamboats, lighthouses, and gypsy wagons.

Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured in the Boston Globe Sunday Travel Section (April 3, 2005) as "one of the world's best treehouses." We were also highlighted in Frontier Airlines' "Wild Blue Yonder" inflight magazine (May/June 2005), and the January 22, 2005 issue of Algemeen Dagblad newspaper ( The Netherlands).

Cedar Creek Treehouse currently appears in the English grammar textbook "Winners", published by Macmillan (2005) and used by young students around the world. We're not always aware of all media features (such as in-flight airline magazines, travel stories in newspapers and magazines, etc.) so we appreciate being informed when you read about us!

We're looking forward to an exciting 9th year.....stay tuned....

WINTER 2004/05

The 2004 season, our seventh, was pretty phenomenal, or as they say in show biz: "mah-ve-lous." That's right folks, Cedar Creek Treehouse continued to garner glitzy national and international media attention.

The London Independent (March 20, 2004) rated us as one of the Five Best Treehouses in the World ( the only U.S. pick! ).

The German magazine Five To Nine (Wirtschafts Woche) featured us in their Fall 2004 issue, with spectacular photos by Gabor Ekecs.

The Travel Channel visited twice, in June, shooting for the Fall 2004 premier of "Amazing Vacation Homes" (aired Sept. 6 and will be shown again), and also for the show "Tremendous Treehouses" (Winter 2005).

Do It Yourself Network (DIY channel) and CNN Online highlighted us over the summer.

In Seattle, King 5 TV's "Northwest Backroads" showcased the new Treehouse Observatory, Rainbow Bridge, and Stairway To Heaven (Oct. 2004). Host Grant Goodeve made his second visit to feature these latest additions, having first visited us in December 1998. Producer Kevin Straylee receives, hands down, the "Bravest Visitor of the Year" award for his awesome camera work! The owner's son, Cedar Compher, and his dad Bill performed the background music for the shoot, playing Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" on acoustic guitars.

And in the mad magazine world, Cedar Creek Treehouse was spotlighted in Newsweek (May 10) , Time (May 24), HGTV magazine, and Zink (Summer 2004 -- all you need to know about New York's weird fashion scene).

But even better than the high-toned media exposure were the down-to-earth guests we had this year: Twelve students from Bastyr University, the nation's leading naturopathic school (see Stairway To Heaven photo gallery), as well as avid bird watchers like Dan Cooper (no, not the hi-jacker), who identified more than eleven local species that day, complete with sketches and song descriptions. Some of our guests enjoyed fly fishing, catching and releasing the small native trout, while a few brave souls joined the fish in the frigid waters of the creek's deep pools.

Of course, the new 82-foot spiral staircase (Stairway To Heaven), Rainbow Bridge, and Treehouse Observatory provided plenty of excitement. All guests were treated to a one hour guided tour by their host Bill Compher, who led them skyward, explaining construction techniques, answering questions, and providing them with breath-taking views of Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Valley, from the octagon's removable skylights 100 feet above the forest floor! This is a photographer's paradise. Many photos and videos were taken, and some lucky visitors used the binoculars to see climbers en route to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier, and the occasional mountain goat on the Tum Tum cliffs inside the park.

Our visitors were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, family vacations ... traveling from England, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey ... even an architect who trekked from southern California to satisfy his curiosity. (See Guest >Comments 2004.) An extra attraction this year is Mt. St. Helens, only two hours south of us by car. This is a rare opportunity to witness an active volcano (scientists say it's safe!) and enjoy Mt. Rainier --as well as experience one of the world's most spectacular treehouse resorts.

WINTER 2003/04

The 2003 Summer season had its ups and downs ... many highs and lows ... feeling like you were going in circles ... living on the edge. Well, that's because we constructed the new Stairway to Heaven -- an 80-foot spiral staircase winding around a Douglas fir, providing exciting (and safe!) access to the Cedar Creek Treehouse observatory. (See new Stairway to Heaven photo gallery.)

The giant helix curves gracefully skyward, mushrooming from the forest floor, and, when lit up by the solar lights at night, looks more like a futuristic sci-fi transporter machine than a staircase. It's safe to say that the Stairway to Heaven is out of this world. Indeed, it transports the passenger to another dimension ... and another reality.

This was a father-son experience to be remembered. The project was designed and engineered by Bill (with suggestions from a few friends), but the layout and major construction credits go to his son Cedar (age 16). It was a challenging and daunting task, figuring out precisely the location and levelness of each steel (14 lb.) tread as they wound around the tree. (The trunk diameter was irregular and always changing!) The work got slower and more dangerous the higher he worked. Safety precautions were top priority. But the results say it all -- this structure is a work of art. As much of a creative masterpiece as an intense building effort. Thank you, Cedar, for a job well done!!

While the staircase was progressing, the cabled suspension footbridge was being built nearby, four feet off the ground. This will be hoisted up and will connect the spiral staircase to the treehouse observatory, spanning 43 feet, and 80 feet above the forest floor. Guests will have the option of taking the tour, which will (if the skies are clear) reward them with breath-taking views of Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Valley. Wild mountain goats can be seen grazing on cliffs to the east in Mt. Rainier National Park. Completion is scheduled for June 2004. Stay tuned, or call for details.

Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured this year in:

The New York Times (March 7, 2003 "Escapes")

The Wall Street Journal (April 29, 2003 Travel section)

The London Observer (March 9, 2003 "Escape")

Sonntags Zeitung newspaper (Zurich, Switzerland, October 2003)

Reise & Priese (German travel magazine, Winter/Spring 2003)

The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong, Winter 2004)

The Travel Channel (March 2003)

We will also be featured in an upcoming Fodor travel guidebook (unusual getaways in America -- due in 2004), and on CBS television The Morning Show -- (t.b.a.) Winter 2004. Again, as usual, we'll be booking for the 2004 season beginning in March. Please call to make reservations anytime after that!

WINTER 2002/2003

Greetings, Everyone.  Wow -- Our 5th year anniversary! A number of memorable guests this season (you know who you are!) … Nashville New Age musicians (a rare breed) ... Houston vegetarians (endangered species) ... prodigy poets from Brownsville, Texas (also on the endangered list) ... friends, families, honeymooners, birthday and anniversary surprises (see Guest Comments).

We received some great "exposure" this year as well.
Cedar Creek Treehouse bared it all in a revealing photo (between Elvis and Madonna ... their hotels, that is) for a travel feature in Playboy (June, 2002).
Also the July issue of Travel and Leisure; and USA Weekend (Sunday newspaper magazine, Sept. 1, 2002), who named us as one of the top five "Unusual and Experimental Lodgings" in the U.S.
And over in Amsterdam (truly the "City of Freedom"), KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) highlighted the treehouse in their November 2002 in-flight magazine.
The Travel Channel visited us in April, and will feature Cedar Creek Treehouse in a special series called "Secrets of Seattle", to air Winter 2003, and will contain some great video of the new octagonal treehouse Observatory.
Japanese Television filmed us on a snowy February, 2002, for a program aired nationally there this summer.
And finally, Herbert Ypma, world-class photographer and creator of Europe's " Hip Hotel" series, visited in September (see Observatory photo gallery), and will be showcasing both treehouses in his upcoming book -- Hip Hotels--USA ( due in major bookstores internationally around April, 2003).

The Autumn colors this year were brilliant, and the weather unseasonably sunny and dry. This gave us the chance to hoist up the arched roof sections which will create a graceful dome atop the octagonal treehouse Observatory. Boeing jet aluminum sheeting (from Boeing Surplus---Kent, WA) was used for the roofing material, (see Observatory Photo Gallery) as well as recycled tempered glass for more skylights, giving the brave viewer breathtaking mountain scenery 100 feet up in the sky! Imagine floating in a hot-air balloon above the Nisqually Valley entrance to Mt. Rainier.

The Observatory is what we'd describe as an "extreme treehouse" experience. It's not for our average guest. For starters, (until the sky bridges are completed), you'll have to strap on a climbing harness, clip onto a safety static rope, and climb an 87-foot wooden ladder bolted to the giant Douglas Fir. We suggest waiting until you arrive and giving it a long, thoughtful look before you decide to ascend. (In fact, if you have to think about it too long, it's probably not such a good idea!)

Therefore, we are offering the Observatory experience as a special option---- an "additional package" to the Cedar Creek Treehouse experience. This will include a personal tour (climb) with the builder, time for photo opportunities, use of the telescope and binoculars, etc. Tour fees are negotiable, depending on the situation, time involved, and other factors. Talk to Bill when you check in! As usual, we'll be booking throughout the Winter/early Spring on a "weather-permitting" basis. You never can tell. For example, February 2001 was mild and sunny, with no snow, whereas February 2002 was typical, with 2+ feet of winter wonderland. So please call within a week of the date wanted! Reservations for the Summer/Fall 2003 season will be taken beginning in mid- March, 2003.

Winter 2001/2002

In reflecting on the 2001 season, we've become aware of how a visit to Cedar Creek Treehouse can have a different meaning for each guest. Everyone had their own reasons for wanting to visit, and everyone will carry their own special memories of their experience. We noticed this summer that some people were between jobs -- career changes and personal life decisions needing to be faced. Some  people came out to temporarily leave behind the intensity of the New York region after September 11th -- the common theme in both cases being a need for respite, a quiet place to retreat and contemplate the issues, or just forget about them for a couple of days.

But we also had many celebrations ... a very cool Auntie who creates memorable adventures to share with her nieces and nephews (and their children!) ... a family from England who visited for three days on their first Pacific Northwest vacation ... a creek-side wedding ceremony and reception ... and the many surprise anniversaries, birthdays, and honeymooners.  More than one guest mentioned in the guestbook that they had been inspired to build their own treehouse!

Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured in USA TODAY as one of the world's "Ten Great Places To Sleep in a Tree" (July 20, 2001 Travel Section) --see link at http://www.usatoday.com/life/travel/leisure/2001/2001-07-20-great-trees.htm  (The photo editors called and wanted to make sure the giant tree growing through the ceiling in the photo they used was a real tree.  I assured them it was )  Earlier that month, from Madrid, EL MUNDO (Spain's second largest newspaper) highlighted the treehouse in their Sunday magazine section (July 8, 2001).  In Finland, GLORIA Magazine featured us in it's January 2001 issue with a full page story by Kimmo Kivarintta, with some great photos of his visit.  We also traded lodging with the College Inn Guesthouse in Seattle. It's right in the heart of the U.W. district and a historic place to stay when you're in town. And last but not least, Cedar Creek Treehouse was showcased as "December 2002"  in the current calendar TREEHOUSES 2002 !!  (Universe Publishing, N.Y., N.Y.--- available in bookstores or thru Amazon.com ).   As mentioned on previous news updates, Cedar Creek Treehouse will be booking for the 2002 Spring/Summer/Fall season beginning in mid-March. We will also continue to book on a spontaneous, "weather-permitting" basis during the winter months -- please call about a week in advance of your desired date.


The big news, however, is the new octagonal treehouse observatory that was constructed this past year by Bill Compher. (See Treehouse Observatory Photo Gallery.)  Bill built it by himself ... not because he wanted to, but hey, treehouse carpenters are hard to find!!   The main floor level is 87 feet above the forest floor in a single Douglas fir near the Cedar Creek Treehouse.  It features eight wall sections ten feet in height with forty tempered glass windows 360 degrees around, and a sleeping loft for two 95 feet in the sky. The deck knee-braces and wall sections were built down below, using Douglas fir and T&G cedar construction. September 27, 2001 was the big hoisting day -- With a five-man crew, the wall sections were winched up and assembled in an amazing five hours.  Photos and video captured the event.  The brave workers donated their time, skill, muscle, and wits to make the observatory a reality ... my heart-felt thanks to them!   Views are beyond compare --  truly an eagle's-eye perspective of the Nisqually Valley, Mt. Rainier, and surrounding peaks.  Imagine floating in a hot-air balloon above the forest treetops ...  The observatory will be equipped with a serious telescope and binoculars for star-gazing (the meteor showers were out of this world!) , bird-watching, sunsets, and tree canopy life.  Mt. Rainier, Tatoosh, Mt. Wow, Mt. Osborne, the Sawtooth peaks, and the Copper Creek Ski Hut are all panoramic in scope.   Eventually the octagon will be reached by a series of  foot-bridges suspended in the tree canopies, beginning from the stairwell observation room and ascending another 47 feet to the new treehouse observatory.  Stay tuned for continued news updates, or, better yet, make a reservation and see it for yourself!

Winter 2000/2001

Greetings, Everybody!  The great thing about reporting the news on your own Web site is that, unlike a standard newspaper, the news is all good instead of all bad!    It was Cedar Creek Treehouse's third season, and the best yet. We had visitors from Norway, Finland, Japan, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Germany, and from all over the U.S. (see Guest Comments). Family reunions, gatherings of friends, birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons ... with the element of surprise making many visits even more fun. I've decided to award special prizes in different categories to deserving guests from the 2000 season. (Winners, to receive your prize, you'll have to be reading this and give me a phone call or e-mail!) The categories and recepients for this year are:

1. Heartiest and Most Determined Guest
Melissa H. (Lafayette, Louisiana), for ascending five flights of stairs on crutches, after injuring her ankle and being flown out of the Olympic mountains by helicopter the previous day (on her honeymoon). She also resided in the treehouse for 48 consecutive hours -- a new record!

2.  Most Romantic Couple
Megan S. and Curtis P. (Pennsylvania and Virginia), for his proposal of marriage under the stars on March 25, 2000. Way to go, Curtis!!

3.  Wildest (Born to be Wild) Couple
Jodie and Bob M. (Spokane, WA) -- They rode double on a Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" from Spokane to celebrate her birthday.  By the way, we're talkin' about a couple of grandparents here!!)

4.  Bravest Souls
John S. and Heather McG. (Seattle, WA) -- Spent the night in a raging wind storm, with thunder and lightning ... and LOVED IT.

5.  Longest- staying Guests
Harry and Deepak (Washington D.C.) -- Stayed five days in August -- a new record!

6.  First Celebration of Shabbath (Jewish Sabbath) in treehouse
The Einsohn family (Texas) ... (were very careful with candles!)

7.  First Guests from Scandinavian
Kimmo K. (Finland) and Peter P. (Norway)

8.  First Request for Music to Surprise Wife on Wedding Anniversary
Arthur and Michelle H. (Richland, Wa.) -- the Anniversary Waltz, on accordion.

9.  Survived Coldest Night in Treehouse So Far (19 degrees)
Judy and Ray Shaw , from Eatonville,WA (11/9/00) and Valerie O. and Dave R., from Seattle (11/11/00)

10.  First Song Composed for Cedar Creek Treehouse
Cindy J. and Ed W. ( Oak Park, Illinois, 7/1/00 ) -- "Cedars Serenade" (Nice waltz!)

In addition to the wonderful people who visited us this season, the treehouse received national and international media recognition. First was a feature on the Oprah Winfrey Show ("Not Your Typical Vacation", originally aired on May 31, 2000.)  The next thing you know, Cedar Creek Treehouse received Top Pick on Discovery.com Travel Channel Web site as World's Best eco-lodging with alternative energy sources.

Discovery Travel Online, the travel web site of the Discovery Channel, is featuring Cedar Creek Treehouse as one of the world's most fascinating " Unusual Hotels".

We were also approached by "Wheel of Misfortune" (the national TV game show) who wanted to offer our treehouse as a "prize" for winning contestants. After consulting with numerous guests and friends, we decided to pass on the invitation ... but you don't have to be a winner on the show to come here -- just give us a call!

In June, 2000, The Treehouse Book (a David Larkin Book -- Universe Publishing, New York, NY) was published, co-produced by David Larkin and Peter and Judy Nelson.  This was their third and best treehouse book effort, and featured Cedar Creek Treehouse as the grand finale of the book.  With superb photography by Paul Rocheleau and fascinating text by Larkin (Frank Lloyd Wright: The Masterworks; Country Wisdom; Shaker Built; Barn; Adobe; Wooden Ship; Victorian America, etc. ) it can be ordered through Amazon.com or found in major bookstores.  By the way, Larkin and Nelson's first best-selling book, Treehouses -- The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb, can also be ordered through Amazon.com.

Cedar Creek Treehouse will also be featured in an upcoming book series: The House That Jack Built. Published by Chelsea Green (Gaia Books Ltd. www.gaiabooks.co.uk ) England, and authored by David Pearson.  We'll keep you posted as to when it's released (probably in Spring or Fall 2001).  Lastly, the treehouse was featured in the Fall 2000 issue of Mountain Living Magazine (Englewood, Colorado / Weisner Publications) and in an upcoming issue of Animus Magazine (Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2000 issue).

The forecast for this winter is for colder and more normal weather ... in other words, no El Nino or La Nina.  Instead of closing for the winter months (December--February and early March), as we did last year, Cedar Creek Treehouse will be open on a " weather permitting", spontaneous basis. For example, if you live in western Washington or Oregon, and you're a hearty soul, and the weather and conditions look good for the next few days, then give us a call or e-mail. Maybe we can book something. (This arrangement obviously won't work for anyone needing to fly in from out of state, which would require a plane reservation. Sorry!!  ) But "reservations" more than a few days in advance won't be taken. We won't be booking reservations for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2001 season until early to mid March. Call us then.

We wish everyone well -- keep in touch!!

Spring 2000

Oprah Winfrey, reportedly a big fan of treehouses, aired a segment about Cedar Creek Treehouse on her May 31, 2000 show entitled "Not Your Typical Vacation."

Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured in a live interview via telephone on a Japanese radio show in late February! We hope to hear from some listeners soon (e-mail us at: bcompher@centurytel.net).

The treehouse also received a page one spread in Home Power Magazine (issue #74--  P.O. Box 520, Ashland, Oregon 97520).  Check out Heart Interface Inverters (www.heartinterface.com). We're looking forward to an exciting new season -- will keep you posted on the latest!!

Fall 1999

Adventurous families from Italy, China, and Ireland ... wanderers from India, Poland, and England ... a father & son retreat ... a mother & son retreat ... two sisters and their 85 year old mother, who, as we ascended the stair-well, informed me that she felt pretty good for someone who's experienced two strokes and a couple of heart surgeries ... historic romantic events: marriage proposals ... engagement rings ... surprise anniversaries ... surprise birthdays ... a honeymoon or two ... a 60th wedding anniversary couple from Tampa (my folks!) ... But probably the best story was The Adventure of the Five Bridesmaids, in which the fifth maiden finds herself alone and lost in Ashford at ten-thirty on a dark night without a map to the treehouse, where her four friends are anxiously awaiting her arrival, ready for the party to begin. Due to some Cosmic Occurrence, I'm happy to report she was rescued at the BP store and re-united with her joyous friends.

As you can see, the treehouse guestbook is providing some great material for my forthcoming best-seller: TRUE TREEHOUSE TALES.  Speaking of best-sellers, David Larkin, highly acclaimed author of books on such things as Shaker furniture, wooden ships, and alternative building, is currently working on a treehouse book, and visited Cedar Creek Treehouse recently with his photographer. So keep your eyes open ... it should be available in bookstores by next summer! Also, Cedar Creek Treehouse received a full-page feature in the current BODY & SOUL magazine's travel and adventure chapter. (Published by NEW AGE JOURNAL of HOLISTIC LIVING) It's on the shelves through December 1999.

Spring 1999

It has been an exciting eight months since Cedar Creek Treehouse received its first guests in July 1998.  Having appeared on the back cover of Fine Homebuilding magazine (Taunton Press) that month, the treehouse and stairway went on to grace the front page of The Tacoma News Tribune (August 27, 1998), was featured in the Travel Northwest section of The Seattle Times (see story by Don Duncan), and Home section of The Chicago Tribune (Sunday, Dec. 6, 1998).

Seattle's KING5-TV Northwest Backroads highlighted the treehouse on its Dec. 13, 1998 program, which was re-broadcast in late January 1999.  Outside Radio Network broadcast an interview with Bill in December on syndicated stations across the country, and in March a TV production crew from Chicago came out to shoot for an upcoming segment of Alternatives, to be broadcast on Fox or CBS during the Fall 1999 season. (Will someone please tape it for me? -- I don't get TV reception out here!)  And it that weren't enough, check the magazine stands in Western Washington for the spring/summer 1999 issue of Seattle Bride magazine, where we're listed in the Getaway section.  Who'd a thunk it?!

We've had a variety of guests thus far: a family of five, including grandparents from Kentucky, folks from Wisconsin celebrating a family reunion, people from Texas, Illinois, California, New Jersey, and more than a few Washington residents.  Many of our visitors have turned out to be adventurous romantics celebrating their wedding anniversaries fifty feet up in the treetops (in some cases, as a surprise!).  Because of the weather here in the mountains, Bill was hesitant to book the treehouse in the winter months, but decided to do so on a "weather permitting" basis.  Consequently, we had lodgers on Thanksgiving, New Year's, and St. Valentine's Day.  Everybody has had a memorable experience (see Guest Comments).   We're looking forward to the spring and summer months ... especially the summer months!

The Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club (Seattle) will be having an auction in August 1999 (check with them on location and date), in which Cedar Creek Treehouse will be donating a night's lodging to the cause.

Our cellular phone (360-520-0924) seems to have a weak incoming signal out here in our neck of the woods.  We are working to elevate the antenna, but in the meantime we suggest that you first try calling us at 360-569-2991 (evenings are best, and we have voice mail, so please leave your message and phone number).  You can also email us at bcompher@centurytel.net or snail mail us at P.O. Box 204, Ashford, WA 98304.

Mt. Rainier National Park's Centennial Celebration is happening this year -- a great opportunity to combine a treehouse visit with a trip to this incredible mountain!

Cedar Creek Treehouse, P.O. Box 204, Ashford, WA 98304