Cedar Creek Treehouse

at Mt. Rainier

Featured in these Newspaper Articles


World's Top 6 Treehouses. Financial Times (London, 2011)


Chicago Tribune rated us in the Top Ten Treehouse Lodgings in the world (April 2009)


We were showcased, with two great photos, in the Indianapolis Star travel section (Indy Sunday, November 16) as an “out of the ordinary place to sleep.”


The Miami Herald featured Cedar Creek Treehouse in their fall/winter 2007 travel magazine’s “Alone with Nature” as a place where guests can “mountain bike, hike, swim, fish, pick huckleberries in the summer and hunt for chanterelle mushrooms in the fall.”

We were highlighted in the London Sunday Times (Dec. 2 issue), 12 top jungle treehouses.


Cedar Creek Treehouse was chosen as the number one treehouse hotel in the world by the Sun-Herald newspaper (Sydney, Australia, “Take Five” April 30, 2006). Treehouse Photo Gallery
We were featured in the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich) in “Die Besten Baumhotels” (March, 2006). a
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Then read about "Bill's Treehouse" (Bills Baumhütte) in the Swiss newspaper Tanges-Anzeiger (March 2006)
Showcased on www.concierge.com -- >Conde-Nast Traveler.


Chosen by the Guardian newspaper (London) as " One of the World's Best Five Treehouses"
Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured in the Boston Globe Sunday Travel Section (April 3, 2005) as "one of the world's best treehouses." In the January 22, 2005 issue of Algemeen Dagblad newspaper ( The Netherlands).


The London Independent (March 20, 2004) rated us as one of the Five Best Treehouses in the World ( the only U.S. pick! ).
The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong, Winter 2004)


The New York Times (March 7, 2003 "Escapes") The Wall Street Journal (April 29, 2003 Travel section) The London Observer (March 9, 2003 "Escape") Sonntags Zeitung newspaper (Zurich, Switzerland, October 2003)


Cedar Creek Treehouse was featured in USA TODAY as one of the world's "Ten Great Places To Sleep in a Tree" (July 20, 2001 Travel Section) From Madrid, EL MUNDO (Spain's second largest newspaper) highlighted the treehouse in their Sunday magazine section (July 8, 2001).


See a copy of the Nov. 11, 1998 story in The Seattle Times about the Cedar Creek Treehouse

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