Cedar Creek Treehouse

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Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mount Rainier The Treehouse, before installation of the Stairwell View of the creek,  treehouse, and stairwell from the Treehouse Observatory View from creek-side picnic area showing stairway on right, leading to treehouse at upper left View from stairway and treehouse from rear access Cozy sleeping loft Composite photo of living room (with tree trunk in center) Stairway between the treehouse and the main staircase Kitchen facilities and doorway to south-facing sunroom South-facing sunroom Entrance to Cedar Creek Treehouse as seen from the interior Bedroom loft with two double-bed size futons Suspension footbridge en route to treehouse and creek Observatory, Rainbow Bridge and Stairway to Heaven, seen from below Cedar Creek Treehouse Looking up at the staircase and connecting stairway to the treehouse View of the top of the stairway, leading from the stairwell observation room to the treehouse door Bill and Molly enjoy a sunbreak in the stairwell observation area View looking down the staircase Treehouse Observatory as viewed from Cedar Creek Treehouse entrance Japanese Television visits the treehouse in February 2002 Shiori Suzuki (producer) confers with the director up in the treehouse Cedar assists Kevin and Grant in the October 2004 shoot for Northwest Backroads for KING 5 TV Seattle The Travel Channel production crew poses with Bill (center) after a successful shoot in April 2002 Beautiful Fall colors (2002)  Note giant Douglas fir snag in foreground (eight feet diameter at base !!) Rhodies in full splendor, Summer 2002.  (Stairwell viewing room and bird feeder in background.) View of the creek from the picnic and campfire area