The Floating Treehouse and Sunbridge

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Floating Treehouse and Slide Another view of the new slide Cedar Creek Treehouse Floating Treehouse from the forest floor, 72 feet up in the treetops. Floating Treehouse from the east side, with covered porch and view of loft. Roof has a 16/12 pitch to quickly shed snow. Another view of east side porch Skylights in the loft Mt. Rainier from porch of  new treehouse Mt. Rainier from the loft Mt. Wow, in Mt. Rainier National Park Mt. Wow and Mt. Rainier from the porch Close-up of glacier on Mt. Rainier from porch Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory from the Sun Bridge Sun Bridge to Floating Treehouse with 30 year old solar panel (55 watts) Sawtooth peaks ( location of High Rock Lookout) from Observatory Chipmunk on vine maple twig in Fall Another view of Cedar's daring efforts. He and Jonathan did the high wire work. Jonathan checks Sun Bridge before hoisting day. Sun Bridge going up! Sixty man-hours of labor over two rainy days Sun Bridge is successfully connected to the Stairway to Heaven spiral staircase. View of connected Sun Bridge taken from the Rainbow Bridge. The new bridge will also be enclosed with chain link fencing. Cedar making adjustments on the Sun Bridge -- September 2010 (photos by Jonathan) This web, constructed of steel cable and aluminum ladders, was built in the summer of 2009 and will support a new treehouse 75 feet in the air. What? Supervisors way up here? Bill assists the younger dudes (September 2010) Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory and Rainbow Bridge, as seen from the new floating treehouse web deck landing (September 2010)