The Treehouse Observatory

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Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory from Sunbridge The Observatory Easter Sunday 2004 -- "The Rainbow Bridge"
												   is successfully hoisted into place, connecting the " Stairway to Heaven " 
												   to the Treehouse Observatory (in background), 100 feet above the forest floor The Observatory provides a great vantage point for spotting white mountain goats on the slopes across the valley. Beautiful sunset view during deck construction. Looking Southwest from the deck to Osborne Mt. in the background, and looking down on Cedar Creek Treehouse (below on the right) View of Mt. Rainier and nearby peaks from the loft area at 100 feet above the ground.  (Wooden beam for hoisting operation is in foreground.) Lining up the octagonal wall sections on the ground Ground crew prepares hand winch to hoist first wall section Brave 3-man crew up in tree connects and braces wall sections Five hours later ... " Beam 'em down, Scotty!" Crew beholds the results of its amazing efforts from Cedar Creek Treehouse Crew beginning to show effects of beer ... View of the new treehouse observatory (upper left) from the stairwell   (Bill's house is seen on the ground below)
Focusing in on Mt. Rainier from Observatory loft View of Mt. Rainier from Observatory main floor Observatory main floor, looking Northwest The treehouse down below Crew prepares to hoist roof sections up to treehouse. Note aluminum siding. (Boeing jet surplus sheeting, screwed onto Douglas fir framed sections) Framing in a recycled car window in one of the arched roof sections.  (Note cloud cap over Mt. Rainier in background ...  indicates rain is on the way in a day or two.) Tom and Tim set the first section ... piece of cake!! Taking a breather, enjoying the view Roof section received by treehouse crew, 100 feet above the ground Ground crew ( Tony and Gary, center) celebrate their efforts with Tom and Tim from stairwell Treehouse Observatory looking South from the spiral staircase showing the completed Rainbow Bridge.  Sawtooth Ridge is in the background Observatory roof shines in the sun. Amanda inspects the Observatory loft Trusty assistant Tom Touse lends a hand.   Tom's help has been invaluable throughout the project phases. Building a scaffold before the window can be installed.  The secret to working high up?  Don't look down. Installing the window.  Stairway to Heaven in the background What th' ... it actually fits!! (Note treehouse observatory silhouetted at lower right.) The Stairway to Heaven and the Observatory are connected. Observatory and Rainbow Bridge from below The Rainbow Bridge walkway, connecting the Stairway to Heaven and the Observatory, has chain link fencing fastened to both sides ow the walkway for added safety and security. Looking East toward the Tatoosh Mountains (Mt. Rainier National Park).   Mountain goats can often be seen on the Tum Tum cliffs (photo center) Treehouse owner and builder Bill Compher peers down from a window in the Observatory while dreaming up new schemes. Stay tuned .. Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory and Rainbow Bridge, as seen from the new floating treehouse web deck landing (September 2010)